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    University probed over ‘favours’ for president’s friend

    Korea R

    Amy Chung - University World News

    University students and professors joined thousands of people demonstrating in the South Korean capital Seoul last weekend demanding the resignation of the country’s president over her connections with a close confidante whom many suspect of having undue influence over the way the country is run despite having no official position. Among the allegations is that she influenced the appointment of ministers. But allegations that she also used her influence to get her daughter admitted to Ewha Womans University in Seoul – one of the country’s top universities – led to the resignation of the embattled Ewha Womans University president on 19 October.

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    Tanzania’s universities have a costly ‘ghost student’ problem

    Tanzania UR

    Simon Ngalomba - The Conversation

    Tanzania’s universities is having trouble with ghosts. The government has suspended student loans worth TZS3.2 billion (US$1.5 million), affecting around 2000 students. This came after a routine verification exercise revealed that some who signed up for loans may not even exist. In a country of more than 100 000 registered tertiary students, 2000 “ghosts” may not seem like a big problem. But when the loan money is being misspent, deliberately or because of poor administration, the entire higher education system is affected, and ultimately the country.

  • A Budget Guide For civil society organisations working in education

    Over the last decade, budget work, or applied budget analysis, has become increasingly recognised as an important tool for holding governments and non-state actors accountable for their policy commitments, budget allocations and expenditure...

    Perry, Victoria

    London, CEF, 2008

  • Ethique et performance en management public

    Le rapport entre éthique et action publique n’est pas une question neuve en soi. Néanmoins, les attentes en faveur d’une plus forte prise en compte de l’éthique sont à l’heure actuelle plus importantes que jamais, tant est ressenti le besoin de...

    Bartoli, Annie, Mazouz, Bachir, Keramidas, Olivier


  • Governance in education: transparency and accountability matters

    This book presents an international review of initiatives aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the management of education in a variety of domains, including: education financing, teacher appointment and transfer, teacher conduct...

    Hallak, Jacques, Poisson, Muriel

    Battaramulla, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, 2013

  • ETICO unveils new features in continued fight against corruption in education


    The UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) is redoubling its efforts today in the fight against corruption in education with enhanced tools, resources, and functionalities on its ETICO platform.

  • Live and work with integrity. You can do it!

    This textbook presents integrity in all its forms with both theoretical and practical material to help you understand the importance of acting with integrity.

    Integrity Action


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