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    Government to ensure integrity in national exams


    Erika Anindita - The Jakarta Post

    On Tuesday, the Culture and Education Minister said that the government was aiming to achieve higher standards of integrity with the implementation of the national exams (UN) starting in 2016. To that end, the Culture and Education Ministry has produced a barometer, namely the UN Integrity Index (IIUN), which measured the percentage of student answer sheets that showed no sign of cheating.

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    U.S.$60,493 misapplied at education ministry


    Necus M. Andrews - The News

    A report by the Joint Legislative Public Account Committee (PAC) has linked a former Minister of Education and his deputy to misapplication of US$60,493 during their tenure at the Ministry of Education. The money, according to the report, was intended for the Government of Liberia Free and Compulsory Primary Education program.

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    Sadtu hits back after cash-for-teachers report

    South Africa

    Lizeka Tandwa - News24Wire

    The SA Democratic Teachers Union came out strongly against the basic education department on Sunday, accusing senior officials of being involved in a jobs-for-cash syndicate and claiming that high ranking officials in the education department had either accepted bribes or used undue influence to appoint teachers and principals. But this allegation was rejected by an education spokesperson.

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    82 Learners investigated for cheating


    - New Era Staff Reporter

    The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is investigating 82 learners suspected of cheating during their external exams in October and November this year. He declined to name the schools or regions where the learners are from but said they are from three different schools. One of the chief markers said that when the exam scripts were being marked it was observed that some students had the same answers.

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    Investigation into allegations of selling of posts for teachers

    South Africa

    - AllAfrica News: Educatio

    The Basic Education Minister delivered a statement regarding the investigation into allegations of selling of posts for teachers following the release of preliminary report by her Task Team on the work done thus far. According to the minister the report, though not yet complete, has uncovered some very concerning tendencies that are being perpetuated in the appointment of teachers and principals. The full details of the report will be released at a later stage.

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    Education Ministry detects massive fraud in school uniform distribution programme

    Sri Lanka

    Rishan Hannan - News 1st

    Many instances were witnessed across the country, where parents arrived at schools to return free uniform material vouchers which were invalid. There were also instances where parents complained of the insufficient value attached to these vouchers, and where parents were unable to purchase quality material for a specified price. Against this backdrop, several teachers and principals’ associations staged a joint media briefing in Colombo, highlighting the fact that teachers, students and parents, have been inconvenienced by the new voucher system.

  • Zambia education PER and PETS-QSDS at a glance

    Public Expenditure Review (PER) in Zambia addresses the efficiency and equity of the macro level policy framework, budget allocations, and budget execution for primary education, secondary education, technical education, higher education and...

    World Bank

    Washington, World Bank, 2015

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    Corruption harms education sector


    Stanely Mushava - The Herald

    A series of incriminating reports in 2015 indicate that corruption has hit several parts of the education sector. A countrywide audit being conducted by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has established that authorities have prejudiced schools of millions in levy scams. School authorities accused of embezzlement have been arrested and subsequently convicted, with some of them jailed for at least five years.

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    Activists welcome SAAC, say it will bring in transparency


    - the Times of India

    KOLHAPUR: Like the grading system in higher education through the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the state government will soon introduce the State Assessment and Accreditation Council (SAAC) system for the assessment and accreditation of the primary and secondary schools across the state, a move welcomed by city-based education activists who say it will bring transparency to the education system and will force schools to improve their infrastructure and education quality

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