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    Court orders closure of illegal private universities


    Dawn - University World News

    The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the shutdown of illegal campuses of private universities across the country. Preston University and Al Khair University has set up illegal campuses in Karachi and Lahore and students approached the Higher Education Commission (HEC) because these universities were not issuing degrees. The Court directed the HEC to award degrees to the students who had passed out from illegal campuses through some special arrangement and implement these policies throughout the country.

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    El ministro ordena investigar los " títulos honoríficos falsos

    South Africa

    TimesLive - University World News

    El ministro de Educación Superior sudafricano expresó su preocupación por el creciente número de instituciones falsas que conceden doctorados honoríficos, en su mayoría a celebridades, entre ellas una empresaria y personalidad de la telerrealidad y un artista local. El ministro pidió al Consejo de Educación Superior que investigue y asesore sobre las medidas apropiadas en todos los casos denunciados de estos títulos honoríficos falsos.

  • Newspaper

    Cheating at university is boomtime for some students


    Jon Mason and Guzyal Hill - University World News

    Following the rapid transition to digital delivery that many institutions have had to navigate, there has been an increase in online services that help students cheat. A simple Google search for the term ‘assignment help’ returned 279 million results in mid-June 2020 and 302 million in early 2021. In Australia to help combat the problem, the Government has passed a law that makes it an offence to provide or advertise academic cheating services in higher education and published an academic integrity toolkit.

  • Newspaper

    Education in Sindh


    Abdul Wahab Magsi - The Express Tribune

    Poverty, the rising rate of early dropouts, ghost schools and teachers, low pass rates in the JEST test for primary school teachers are just some of the factors at the heart of the education crisis in Sindh. The biometric mechanism put in place by the Sindh government proved to be counterproductive and has failed to compel ghost teachers to attend school: 6.5 million children are currently out of school.

  • Newspaper

    Education Ministry launches learner tracking system


    Godfrey Lugaaju - All Africa

    To prevent the forging of information, a new digital platform will allow learners from primary to university levels to have an identification number. Schools will update data about their learners, teaching and non-teaching staff, infrastructure and facilities including physical education and sports through their online EMIS user accounts. The new system is aimed to eliminate ghost workers and improve transparency and accountability across the country.

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    Essay mills: 'Contract cheating' to be made illegal in England


    - BBC News

    According to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, there are over 1,000 essay mills in operation in UK universities. The government announced that offering essay-writing services to students for a fee will become a criminal offence under plans to tackle cheating. Universities welcomed this decision and introduced codes of conduct with severe penalties for submitting work that is not a student's own.

  • Newspaper

    School Feeding Associations allege underhand dealings


    Julius Yao Petetsi - All Africa

    Spokesmen for Ghana National School Feeding Associations called on the President and the Ministry of Education to investigate corrupt officials who exploit the system for their personal gains. During the 2019/2020 Academic year, the Ghana National School Feeding Programme paid GH¢12.9 million to individuals benefitting 511 ghost schools across the country that were not included in the school feeding programme.

  • Newspaper

    Corrupt teachers' committees in hot soup

    Tanzania UR

    Daily News - All Africa

    An investigation is being conducted by The Teachers' Service Commission (TSC) after complaints that teachers' committees at the district level had promoted teachers that did not meet the criteria under the influence of bribes. A government official called on the TSC to establish a digital system for keeping teachers' information and offer a Customer Service Center for teachers whenever they encounter challenges in implementing their duties.

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    Student cheating concerns as assessments move online

    New Zealand

    Daisy Hudson - Otago Daily Times

    Following the Covid-19 confinements, there were multiple reports of misconduct in online assessments: plagiarism, use of notes, an online file-sharing service, mobile phones, or collaboration with other students. Five of the eight New Zealand universities recorded an increase in cheating in 2020 compared to 2019: 258% at the University of Canterbury, 104% at the University of Lincoln, 61% at the University of Waikato, 21% at the University of Victoria and 10% at Massey University.

  • Newspaper

    Quebec universities see cases of plagiarism double


    La Presse - University World News

    Between March 2020 and June 2021, more than 500 cases of plagiarism were reported at the Université de Montréal. All years are concerned, and while the cases reported mainly affect the Faculty of arts and sciences, they are also widespread in medicine, educational sciences, and law. They range from the use of unauthorized assistance to the solicitation, offer or exchange of information during an examination.

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