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  • Keeping Girls At School Program: Impact Evaluation

    The Keeping Girls At School (KGAS) program is an initiative of CARE Rwanda aimed at reducing the number of girls who drop out of secondary school and increasing the share of girls that transit from lower to upper secondary education. CARE Rwanda and...

    Laterite Ltd, 2015

  • IIEP contributes to G20 debates on corruption


    The fight against corruption was featured high on the G20 agenda in Brisbane (15-16 November 2014). “High-level principles on corruption and growth” were discussed by the Anti-Corruption Working Group, which was established in 2010 “in recognition of the significant impact of corruption on economic growth, trade and development”.

  • Combatting corruption in education on a global front

    Muriel Poisson


  • Newspaper

    Top universities break rules on gender discrimination


    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    Around two-thirds of China's top research universities still have policies that can be used to limit the proportion of women students, despite tighter government regulations issued this year against gender discrimination in universities and the workplace.

  • Newspaper

    Huge rise in segregation, and bias against women students

    Iran, Islamic Republic

    Yojana Sharma and Shafigeh Shirazi - University World News

    More than 600 degree programmes in 60 universities in Iran are now segregated by gender, in what is being seen as a major expansion of the government's efforts to separate male and female students. Iranian rights groups released the report of a study by Student News, which found that there has not only been an increase in gender separation but also in gender discrimination.

  • Handbook of good human resource practices in the teaching profession

    The handbook draws upon experiences and good practices in a wide range of ILO member States, giving a large number of examples of good practice and lessons learned. The methods it outlines are intended to be applicable to all schools and education...

    International Labour Organisation

    Geneva, ILO, 2012

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