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  • Hidden challenges to education systems in transition economies

    This book outlines the strategy of the World Bank to guide its work with Europe and Central Asia (ECA) clients in education. In the early stages of the transition, it was felt that education could be safely ignored, because the region faced...

    Berryman, Sue E.

    Washington, World Bank, 2000

  • Corruption in education in Belarus

    This document is Olia Yatskevich's presentation at the Students' Forum "Can we educate the youth without the involvement of corruption?" at the tenth IACC. Corruption, especially bribery, is a widespread phenomenon in Belarusian universities. One...

    Yatskevich, Olia

    Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic; IACC Council, 2001

  • Corruption in the Lithuanian higher schools

    This paper examines the high incidence of corruption in Lithuanian schools. In January 2001, an article was published in a prominent Lithuanian newspaper exposing bribery at the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education. The case received media...

    Nedzinskas, Nerijus

    Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic, IACC Council, 2001

  • Newspaper

    Russian Federation to try standardized exam

    Russian Federation


    Bryon Mac Williams - Chronicle of Higher Education

    The Russian Federation will begin testing a system of state examinations this year, similar in format to the SAT in the United States and aimed at reducing corruption and creating equitable access to higher education. A single test is planned to be instituted nationwide in 2004.

  • Newspaper

    Corrupt admissions alleged in China



    Jiang Xueqin - Chronicle of Higher Education

    A confidential list of students admitted to the prestigious Shanghai Communications University, along with information about their qualifications and the influential people who pushed for their admission, has been circulating on the Internet in China. The leaked list has renewed public debate over allegations of corruption in university admissions.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption said to be flourishing in education

    Ghana, Kazakhstan, Poland


    - Prague Conference News

    Ghana. Kazakhstan. Poland: In many countries, teachers must bribe their way into teacher-training college. Some then collect their salaries and do not actually teach; when they do, they demand bribes for students to pass exams. "Textbook racket" is also a common practice.

  • Newspaper

    Reports of Bribe-taking at Russian Federation Universities have increased

    Russian Federation


    Bryon Mac Williams - Chronicle of Higher Education

    It is estimated that Russian students and their parents annually spend between $2 billion and $ 5 billion in bribes. And it costs between $ 10 000 and $ 15 000 in bribes to gain acceptance into well-regarded institutions of higher learning in Moscow.

  • Newspaper

    India's higher education watchdog



    Martha Ann Overland - Chronicle of Higher Education

    In 1998, the education watchdog group from Bombay, the Forum for Fairness in Education, won a landmark case that clamped down on secretive admissions practices. The court ruled that all colleges and universities must make entrance-examination scores public, to ensure that admissions are based on merit, and not money passed under the table.

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