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    Students hire impersonators to sit in English exams

    Viet Nam

    - vietnam.net

    With more universities and offices requiring English qualifications from graduates, students are turning to hiring other people to sit their English exams. The police in HCM City's Thu Duc District are investigating a case in which 34 students at the HCM City University of Agriculture and Forestry hired impersonators for their English exams. Last year, 10 impersonators were uncovered. Meanwhile, universities which require students take TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS tests as English graduation exams have received a number of fake certificates.

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    Entrance tests were completely unfair


    Bornwise Mtonzi - The Herald

    The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education last week slammed the parents for paying Form One entrance examination fees saying they did that at their own peril as the Government has set an enrolment date for all the schools in the country. He said the entrance exams were banned long back by his ministry and have remained illegal and should not be left to continue. Enrolment of Form One students for next year started yesterday with parents expected to use their children's Grade Seven results.

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    Bribery confession in China calls into question integrity of college admissions


    MICHAEL FORSYTHE - New York Times

    The recent confession to bribery by, the former admissions director for Renmin University, has called into question the integrity of the Chinese college admission system. The President has been mounting a campaign against corruption in China for more than three years, with higher education as one of the focal points. The ruling Communist Party’s antigraft agency has singled out 32 people working in higher education for investigations this year, with China’s education minister saying that corruption would not be tolerated in the education system.

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    India champion of fake diplomas


    Julien Bouissou - Le Monde.fr

    In India, university fraud is a national sport, practiced at all levels. Beginning with the former prime minister up to the former Delhi justice minister who allegedly fakes his qualification in … law. The increase in fake qualifications is undoubtedly linked to the lack of universities in the country, with some of the harshest selection processes in the world. Leaving the country to study overseas is so expensive that counterfeit diplomas from international universities abound.

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    Corruption monitors and armed patrols – It must be exam time


    Matt Blomberg - University world news

    With a mandate to reform a severely flawed education system that produced university graduates who had paid for – rather than studied for – their grades, Cambodia’s Education Minister went to extreme measures to clean up corruption and bribery in Cambodia’s national university entrance exam.

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    Beware of fake universities, NCHE warns


    Esther Mark - Edufrica

    The National Commission on Higher Education says students seeking enrollment in universities in the country should inquire whether such institutions are registered with the Ministry of Education. The commission’s Director General said these fake or substandard universities offer degrees in various professions at poor quality to students.

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    How Georgia stamped out corruption on campus


    Christofer Berglund, Johan Engvall - Foreign Policy

    Since his election in 2004, the Georgian president has set about reforming the endemically corrupt university system through drastic, but effective, measures. Reforms targeted both the admissions process as well as the quality of higher education itself.

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    Foreign institutions warned over PhD admissions


    Francis Kokutse - University World News

    Foreign tertiary institutions in Ghana have been directed by the National Accreditation Board to ensure that only students with certificates awarded by institutions accredited by the board be admitted to PhD courses. It is also concerned about a spate of honorary degrees awarded to personalities by some unaccredited or unqualified institutions.

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    Officials ‘tempered’ education data to obtain US aid


    Ameen Amjad Khan - University World News

    A senior US official has called for independent verification of Afghan government figures on the use of US education aid following claims by Afghan ministers that the previous government had provided data on US-funded school and higher education projects that were flawed, tempered and exaggerated, and had interfered with university entrance exams. These allegations suggest the existence of ghost schools and teachers that are being paid for with US aid money.

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    New developments in shocking cash-for-admissions racket


    Suchitra Behal - University World News

    In an ongoing investigation into a cash-for-admissions racket, the enrolments of 1,080 students in a pre-medical course in Madhya Pradesh state in central India between 2009 and 2013 have been cancelled. The scam, initially exposed in 2013, and two recent high-profile deaths linked to it have sent shock waves across the country. Millions of rupees are believed to have changed hands in what some have described as India’s biggest-ever rigging case.

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