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  • Newspaper

    Bauchi poly expels 162 students over exam fraud, cultism


    - This Day

    The federal polytechnic has expelled 162 students for examination malpractice, cultism and poor academic performance, in the 2004-2005 session. The students were expelled for their involvement in examination misconduct during examinations.

  • Newspaper

    Exam malpractices: Benueleads – report


    Kola Ologbondiyan - This Day

    Exam Ethics Project has declared Benue State as the highest in national Examination Malpractices Index (EMI), ranking for the year 2005. Federal Capital Territory emerged as the most exam ethics-friendly state with the lowest EMI of 0.43, while Benue State had an EMI of 18.87. The report for 2005 Exam Year indicates that the EMI for all the regions was 6.9 against 16.9 for 2004. This means that examination fraud reduced by 59 per cent between 2004 and 2005.

  • Newspaper

    College of business studies issues fake results for US$2,000

    Sierra Leone

    Saidu Kamara - Standard Times

    According to a report, directors of the College of Business Studies are embroiled in a syndicate involving fake college transcripts. The college officials provide fake results and transcripts for people intending to travel overseas on the pretext of going for further studies for a fee that some allege is no less than US$2,000.

  • Newspaper

    One in three students cheats, survey finds


    Debbie Andalo - The Guardian

    One-third of students admit to cheating at university by copying ideas from books or the internet according to a survey. Based on 1,022 undergraduates at 119 universities and colleges, the study found that one in six students admitted they copied work from friends while 10% said they looked for essays online. Male students were more likely to copy work from their friends (21%) than female students (14%), the study revealed.

  • Newspaper

    Plagiarism 'rife' at Oxford'


    Alexandra Smith - The Guardian

    Plagiarism could threaten the value of a degree from Oxford University as students increasingly copy large slabs of work from the internet and submit it as their own, the university warns. Many of the plagiarism cases that were referred to the proctor's office involved international students whose first language was not English.

  • Newspaper

    UNE student "cheats" could lose degrees, visas


    Jennifer Macey - The World Today

    Students from the University of New England may have their degrees stripped from them if they're found guilty of cheating, and may also lose their Australian residency visa. The university has checked more than 200 master projects and found that a significant proportion of fee-paying foreign students had been involved in plagiarism.

  • Newspaper

    Two civil servants arrested for fraud at the BEPC

    Burkina Faso

    - Afriquenligne

    A member of the commission responsible for the examinations at the end of the first cycle of secondary (BEPC) and 50 other persons have been arrested. According to the police, they stole copies of the tests before the start of the exams. Using new technology, they swiftly copied the questions and put them on sale for students and parents in some areas of the country.

  • Newspaper

    Academic salaries, academic corruption and the academic career


    Philip G. Altbach - International Higher education

    If the academic profession does not maintain adequate income levels, academic performance throughout the system inevitably suffers. Academics must receive sufficient remuneration to live an appropriate middle-class lifestyle. Through an Egyptian example of university professors demanding sums of money to their students, this article deals with the inevitable consequences of inadequate academic salaries.

  • Newspaper

    The general inspection questions the value of university degrees


    - La lettre de l'éducation

    According to the report of the general inspection of the administration of the national education and the research (IGAENR), the evaluation of the students at the university is not good. Actually, the fragmentation of the evaluations (due to the transition to the half yearly of the studies connected to the passage in the LMD) and the complexity of rules, return the illegible system for the students. It also entails disparities of treatment; thus universities develop their own rules of evaluation: the faculties with big workforce opt for the multiple choice question paper, faster and easy to organize. Besides, the cheating is another factor that undermine the credibility of the diplomas: according to the questioned students, between 25 and 50 % of the students resort to it.

  • Newspaper

    The State determined to eradicate corruption and fraud in the education


    - IRIN

    For the very first time in Guinea, professors were suspended by their functions for facts of corruption and the students were condemned to pay a fine or to a prison sentence for fraud in the examinations. During his taking of office, Mr Souaré, Minister of the Higher education and the scientific research - who arises from the labor union of the teachers and which fought in the past against the corruption - had indicated that it would make of the fight against the fraud and the corruption its first priority.

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