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  • Porte Alegre

    Open government in education: learning from cities


    For The IIEP-UNESCO Letter, Muriel Poisson discusses new research that focuses on learning from cities worldwide on how to promote open government in education.

  • Promoting accountability through information: how open school data can help


    Six case studies from Asia and the Pacific look at how open school data can create a more transparent and accountable education system.

  • Newspaper

    Police investigate fraud allegations at 3aaa apprenticeships


    Rupert Neate - University World News

    The government-funded apprenticeship 3aaa was placed into immediate administration, putting 4,500 apprenticeships at risk, after the Department for Education pulled all of its funding from the firm following the police investigation of fraud. The DfE’s Education and Skills Funding Agency allocated more than £31m to 3aaa last year for apprenticeships and adult learning schemes.

  • Cover of Education for Integrity: Teaching on Anti-Corruption, Values and the Rule of Law

    Education for integrity: our youth, our future

    Carissa Munro


  • Newspaper

    New IMF anti-corruption blueprint holds promise


    Sarah Saadoun - Human Righat Watch

    The International Monetary Fund has unveiled a new blueprint for tackling the global scourge of corruption, conceding that its approach to the issue has been “uneven” in the past. The new policy isn’t perfect, but, if implemented, could represent an important step in throwing the IMF’s weight behind global fight against corruption. While these steps are welcome, by framing corruption exclusively in economic terms, the new policy overlooks the way in which corruption’s corrosive social impact has far-reaching economic implications. For example, it does not direct IMF staff to analyze or document governments’ social spending, such as on health and education.

  • Ethics and corruption in education: A capacity building programme

    Improving transparency and accountability in education is a precondition to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, an education sector free of corruption is imperative to the promotion of a culture of ethics.These...


    Paris, IIEP, 2018

  • Newspaper

    QA bodies note progress in fighting academic corruption


    Mary Beth Marklein - University World News

    Early research findings on academic corruption suggest that accreditation and quality assurance bodies in some countries are having success in handling the problem, but questions about how to deal with the unwieldy issue remain a work in progress. And while the topic is complex and multifaceted, research on student attitudes towards cheating offers some insights into how an emphasis on integrity might reverse the problem, which has long been the scourge of the higher education accreditation profession.

  • Foto de grupo del Foro Internacional sobre Políticas Educativas del IIEP, en Manila, Filipinas, 2018.

    10 ways to promote transparency and accountability in education


    Open school data can foster accountability and combat corruption in education, but only when it is used effectively and any malpractice is addressed with clear consequence. Researchers and national policy-makers attending an International Policy Forum in Manila, organized by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) and the Department of Education in the Philippines, underscored this as they discussed open data initiatives from around the world.

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