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  • Newspaper

    University to probe possible research integrity violations



    CNN - University World News

    University of Florida (UF) launched an investigation after an internal report detailed a culture of fear among faculty members claiming political influence on campus as well as instances of pressure to destroy and delay publication of COVID-19 research data. The report was the result of a three-week investigation into academic freedom at UF after three full-time professors were prevented from testifying as paid experts in a lawsuit brought against the state over voting rights.

  • Newspaper

    University lobbies for retraction of unethical AI study



    ABC News - University World News

    Curtin University implicated in unethical research using facial recognition technology to identify Uyghur and Tibetan minorities has lobbied unsuccessfully for the publishers to retract it on several occasions. An internal review of research by a resigned professor at the university found that he breached several ethical codes, including failing to obtain informed consent and approval. The article remains online although Curtin University deputy vice-chancellor has urged the publisher to remove all references to the university.

  • Newspaper

    United Arab Emirates researchers develop new technology to promote academic integrity



    Press Release - Zawya

    A research team from the Canadian University of Dubai has identified a new approach to combating academic integrity using machine learning techniques. The new method applies an algorithm to identify cases of cheating through post-exam analysis of student grades from quizzes, midterm exams, and the final exam of an entire class. This technique can complement the work of commercial plagiarism detection software and provide a deterrent and non-intrusive alternative to remotely proctored exams.

  • Newspaper

    Harassment rife in Canada's higher education



    Morgan Sharp - National Observer

    A Statistics Canada study shows that one-third of women and nearly a quarter of men who teach and conduct research in Canadian university and college campuses face harassment. Data collected in late 2019 from 27,000 respondents about their experiences over the past year revealed five types of harassment: verbal abuse, humiliating behaviour, threats such as blackmail, threats to career or reputation, physical threats, physical violence, and unwanted sexual attention or sexual harassment.

  • Newspaper

    Rising reliance on predatory publishing as research expands



    Ameen Amjad Khan - University World News

    A recent 2021 study shows that academics from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries accounted for 17 of the top 20 countries where academics publish in predatory journals. The OIC’s share of global publications has increased to over 8% in 2018. Standards have been compromised in relation to the impact of the number of published papers and citations on staffing, promotions, careers, and benefits.

  • Newspaper

    Minister stripped of PhD title acquired through ‘deceit’



    Michael Gardener - University World News

    The thesis of the former German minister for family affairs was found to contain nearly 70 passages violating good academic practice. The Free University of Berlin required the minister to return the PhD certificate within one month after notification of the withdrawal of the degree, acquired through “deceit regarding independent academic achievement”.

  • Newspaper

    Private university academics dismissed for plagiarism

    Viet Nam


    VN Express - University World News

    Two Ho Chi Min City university academics have lost their positions after they were found plagiarising content from an international peer-reviewed journal. They confessed that for one of their published articles, they had translated 80% of the original article without getting the author’s permission or citing his work as the source.

  • Video

    The power of open school data in education




    This video is made by IIPE-UNESCO, and aims to demonstrate the power of open data in education How can educational agents promote integrity and transparency in the education sector? Open school data is a powerful way to integrate the entire educational community: they share with the public information about school funding, student and teacher numbers, school equipment, textbooks, and test scores.

  • Newspaper

    North Africa fertile for predatory publishing


    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    A recent study warns policy-makers in developing countries about the poor quality of research evaluation. The findings show the infiltration of journals suspected of predatory practices into the citation database Scopus. 324 journals that appear both in Beall’s lists and on Scopus and 164,000 articles published from 2015-17 were identified. As a result, the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board removed underperforming journals.

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