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    $1-Billion pledge for Indian university is smokescreen for business scam



    Shailaja Neelekantan - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    According to an opposition leader, the businessman Agarwal's pledge last week of $1-billion to set up Vedanta University, in the South Indian state of Orissa, is a gimmick to divert attention from his corrupt mining deal with the state's government. The $1-billion pledge, which if realized would be the largest gift ever made to a higher-education institution, is intended to create a multidisciplinary elite university for 100,000 students that would open in 2008.

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    Doors opening, doors slamming



    Stefan Mitas - TOL

    Despite the promises of great reforms in education made by the new President, the Soviet system is still running. Many allege that the bureaucrats involved in the renovations of schools frequently sign dual contracts with foreign construction companies, deliberately designed to allow a huge portion of the reported contract costs to disappear. Moreover, bribes are still viewed as a secondary prerequisite for university admission after one's scores on standardized entrance examinations.

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    For-profit education in Chile: The debate within the debate



    Nick Lavars - Americas Quarterly

    A seven-month investigation revealed that a number of Chile's universities are illegally operating as profit-oriented businesses. According to a report conducted by a special investigation committee, eight universities violated anti-profiteering laws amidst findings of increased salaries among executives, circulation of finances between companies under the same private ownership and outsourcing of services as means of generating revenue.

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    ACC swoops on education ministry



    - All Africa

    Continuous strengthening of internal financial control and a policy of zero tolerance for maladministration and corruption by the Ministry of Education has led to an unprecedented ongoing investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Strengthened measures at the ministry uncovered suspicious incidents where there was the possibility of rogue companies benefiting from ministerial procurement.

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    Controversy over higher education links with industry



    Michael Gardner - University World News

    A warning by German anti-corruption organisation Transparency International that links between higher education and business are becoming increasingly obscure has sparked an open debate. "We are observing corporate interests increasingly dominating teaching and research to a large extent,” said Director of Transparency International Germany.

  • Uganda's recovery: the role of farms, firms, and government

    In this chapter, Reinikka demonstrates that increasing public access to information has reduced inefficiency and corruption in Uganda. The survey from which her conclusions are drawn shows that budget allocations matter little when institutions are...

    Reinikka, Ritva, Collier, Paul

    Washington, World Bank, 2001

  • Decentralisation and corruption: evidence across countries

    The relationship between decentralization of government activities and the extent of rent extraction by private parties is an important element in the recent debate on institutional design. The theoretical literature makes ambiguous predictions about...

    Fishman, R., Gatti, G.W.

    Washington, World Bank, 2000

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