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  • Fighting corruption through education

    This paper was developed with the aim of assisting the Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (COLPI) in identifying and formulating a new programme line in anti-corruption measures that include a public awareness and/or an educational component...

    Keen, Ellie

    Budapest, Open Society Institute, 2000

  • Corruption in education in Belarus

    This document is Olia Yatskevich's presentation at the Students' Forum "Can we educate the youth without the involvement of corruption?" at the tenth IACC. Corruption, especially bribery, is a widespread phenomenon in Belarusian universities. One...

    Yatskevich, Olia

    Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic; IACC Council, 2001

  • Newspaper

    Stakeholders- Panacea for Cultism, Exam Malpractice



    Juliana Taiwo - This Day

    Apparently worried about the products of the different levels of education in the country and the attendant effects of examination malpractice and cultism on Nigerian youth and national development, the Federal Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Exam Ethics Project (EEP), an educational non- governmental organisation last week held a two-day Education Stakeholders. governmental organisation last week held a two-day Education Stakeholders.

  • Teaching integrity to youth: examples from 11 countries

    This toolkit from Transparency International, published in December 2004, includes examples of youth education experiences from 11 countries. Education is central to preventing corruption, and thus young people, as the potential leaders of tomorrow...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2004

  • Report on the civil society participation in Textbook Count 3 Makati City

    For the third time, G-Watch of the Ateneo School of Government served as the national coordinator for the civil society participation in the Textbook Count: National Textbook Delivery Program. With support from the Partnership for Transparency Fund...

    Government Watch, Ateneo School of Government (Philippines)

    Makati (Philippines), ASoG, 2006

  • Resetear la sociedad: ideas de los jóvenes sobre la corrupción

    Esta publicación desarrolla un completo diagnóstico cuali-cuantitativo sobre las ideas de los jóvenes acerca de la corrupción, los valores ciudadanos y la ética pública. La investigación fue realizada en escuelas secundarias, en el marco de un...

    Gamallo, Gustavo, Baragli, Néstor

    Buenos Aires, Oficina Anticorrupción, 2007

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