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  • Cheating or cheated? Surviving secondary exit exams in a neoliberal era

    Cheating on exams is a rampant and highly developed practice among youth in the Arab world, often involving elaborate networks, advanced technology and adult authorities. Rather than viewing cheating as mere laziness or immorality, this article...

    Buckner, Elizabeth; Hodges, Rebecca


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    Head teachers to sign performance contracts


    Carol Natukunda and Roderick Ahimbazwe - New Vision

    According to the education minister, primary school head teachers will be required to sign performance agreements every year. Many pupils had not attained the desirable learning competency in literacy and numeracy partly because of the slackness, absenteeism and lack of commitment from the head teachers. The assessment guidelines and the tracking of the teachers' performance will help to create a more fair and verifiable system.

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    Unaccredited Unilak defies ministry order


    Ignatius Ssuuna - The New Times

    The university "Laique Advantiste de Kigali" (Unilak) has defied a directive from the Education ministry requiring it to submit academic credentials of recruited lecturers for verification. According to sources in the ministry, the university leadership continues to recruit students. Unilak secured a provisional license but the ministry nevertheless refused to grant it the degree-awarding accreditation, citing lack of capacity to provide quality education.

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    Grappling with a plagiarism problem in universities


    Munyaradzi Makoni - University World News

    Banishing academic dishonesty could help Mozambique nurture original thinkers who are economically efficient and socially suited to develop the country. But this will only be possible if administrators work with professors and students to build strong measures to combat widespread plagiarism, which is hampering the production of quality graduates.

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    Information on schools, teachers and students to be online soon


    Vinamrata Borwankar - Times of India

    Information related to students, teachers and schools will be a click away, from this academic year. The information will soon be available on a website hosted by the National Informatics Centre. The student database will help teachers and parents concentrate on learning levels. The online database will also be used to arrest the drop-out rate among students.

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    How Georgia stamped out corruption on campus


    Christofer Berglund, Johan Engvall - Foreign Policy

    Since his election in 2004, the Georgian president has set about reforming the endemically corrupt university system through drastic, but effective, measures. Reforms targeted both the admissions process as well as the quality of higher education itself.

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    The watchdogs of college education rarely bite


    Andrea Fuller ; Douglas Belkin - The Wall Street Journal

    Accreditors keep hundreds of schools with low graduation rates or high loan defaults alive. Most colleges can’t keep their doors open without an accreditor’s seal of approval, which is needed to get students access to federal loans and grants. But accreditors hardly ever kick out the worst-performing colleges and lack uniform standards for assessing graduation rates and loan defaults.

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    Solutions needed for higher education quality crisis


    Carlos Olivares - University World News

    The issue of quality assurance in the tertiary education system has become a public concern as a consequence of the scandal in which the president of the National Accreditation Commission and at least two chancellors of private universities were arrested and accused of money laundering, bribery and accepting kickbacks.

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