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  • The poor speak up: 17 stories of corruption

    This book is the result of an action research project carried out by the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia and the World Bank. It sets out to understand from the poor the ways in which corruption intersects with their lives and how it...

    Hardjono, Ratih, Teggemann, Stefanie

    Jakarta, Partnership for Governance Reform, 2003

  • Newspaper

    The darkening shadow of stolen words



    Alexandra Smith - The Age

    A plagiarism scandal is putting at risk Australia's $2 billion education export industry. In fact, a plagiarism cover-up scandal involving 15 of the students' Malaysian classmates is threatening to damage Newcastle University's international reputation and its lucrative relationship with Asia.

  • Preventing corruption in the education system: a practical guide

    This practical guide addresses those responsible for development cooperation projects aiming to promote reform in the education sector. They are intended to provide ideas and practical support, and to indicate ways of integrating corruption...

    German Agency for Technical Cooperation

    Eschborn (Germany), GTZ, 2004

  • Roll call: teacher absence in Bangladesh

    This study represents the first systematic examination of the issue of teacher absence in Bangladesh. The objectives of this study are to: (a) document and characterize the extent of teacher absence in primary and secondary schools; (b) understand...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik, Rogers, F. Halsey


  • Teacher absence and incentives in primary education: primary education results from a national teacher tracking survey in Ecuador

    High rates of absence of teachers from their posts is a serious obstacle to delivery of education in many developing countries, but hard evidence on the problem has been scarce. This study, carried out as part of a new multi-country survey project in...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Rogers, F. Halsey, Lopez-Calix, José, Córdoba, Nancy, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik


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