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    Anti-Corruption Measures Hit Snag at MPASS


    Frederick Asiamah - Public Agenda

    There is a certain frustration at the Mpraeso Secondary School over the administration's attempts to improve accountability and transparency. The implementation of anti-corruption measures through the automation of accounting and administrative procedures as a means of checking and curbing corruption has been bogged by official apathy. The computerization programme, 'School Management Programme', that could have cost the school about ¢5 million a few months ago will now cost the school almost double that amount.

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    Mulenga demands accountability


    - The Times of Zambia

    Education minister Andrew Mulenga has stressed the need for accountability and transparency in the education sector to ensure benefits reach the intended target. The minister said at a joint annual review in Lusaka that there was need for accountability because the government was accountable to the people and education was the cornerstone for development.

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    South Africa advocated aid transparency initiative

    South Africa

    Gideon Sackitey - Ghana Web

    South Africa's Finance Minister has advocated an aid transparency initiative focused on monitoring aid flow and how the aid is managed. He underlined the importance that the huge volumes of aid that flows into Africa are adequately monitored and tracked. The minister welcomed the support of Sweden to help return monies stashed in European banks.

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    The power of data: enhancing transparency in the education sector in Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

    Leo Hamminger - U4

    Although the post-conflict period ended officially in 2006, the Ministry of Education is still not able to effectively monitor teaching and learning processes nationwide. The system records teachers who do not physically exist, teachers that do not teach (´ghost teachers`), and teachers receiving salaries from several schools. In mid-2006, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) placed two experts in the Planning Directorate of the Education Ministry in Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, to set up an Education Management Information System (EMIS). This article summarizes the results of their investigations.

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    Recession boosts donor transparency

    - IRIN

    The global financial crisis has catalyzed increasing transparency and accountability regarding public finances, say aid experts, which has helped open up disclosures on aid-giving.

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    Anti-corruption rules for private institutions


    Alya Mishra - University World News

    In a bid to encourage transparency and stamp out corruption and fraud in universities, India's education ministry is preparing guidelines that will for the first time force private higher education institutions to make their accounts public.

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    COTAE releases procurement report


    Dearest Kotio - The Informer

    The Coalition for Transparency and Accountability in Education (COTAE) has released a procurement report on the educational system in the country. The objective of the project is to ensure that the procurement within the education sector is conducted and executed in a transparent and accountable fashion.

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    "Climate of fear" at Unam


    Selma Shipanga - The Namibian

    Staff members at the University of Namibia (Unam) say they live in constant fear of victimization and threats by those in management positions who are running the institution in an autocratic manner. "A climate of fear is preventing open and transparent debate on day-to-day issues". They further accused the management of not following fair and transparent measures in the selection and appointment of all management positions at the end of last year.

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    Government scraps student bursaries in favor of loans


    - University World News

    Zambia's government has decided to scrap its national bursary scheme and replace it with a transparent student loans scheme, following controversies including allegations of corruption that have dogged the bursary initiative for years.

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    Budget transparency initiative makes officials accountable to citizens


    - The World Bank

    An ongoing initiative in Cameroon is helping to empower citizens and make their local governments, schools, and health centers accountable for better service delivery. This initiative has also been put in place to raise the awareness of citizens with regard to budgetary issues.

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