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    State audit finds evidence of potential fraud in El Rancho bond program


    Bradeley Bermont - Whittier Daily News

    State auditors report fraud, misappropriation of funds, assets, and other illegal fiscal practices under the El Rancho Unified School District’s bond program. Between from May 2015 and February 2019, investigators say there were two problems in the way the district hired contractors: the Board of Education was overinvolved and the public under-informed, and the hiring process lacked transparency and was tinged with corruption.

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    Systems critical amid COVID-19 academic corruption

    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    Academic corruption linked to the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the urgency of strengthening transparency and accountability in African universities. Such corruption includes research malpractice, questionable research management, mismanagement of research funds and procurement fraud. Several university officials bypassed public procurement procedures for the purchase of materials and equipment for coronavirus research. 33 papers were identified as unsuitable for public use and either retracted, withdrawn, or noted with concern.

  • IIEP panel on open school data at the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)


    On December 3, as part of the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), IIEP organized a panel on “Open School Data for SDG: Does It Help Reduce Corruption in Education?” The session registered over 100 participants from countries across the world, including Brazil, Georgia, Romania, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Singapore, and France, among others.

  • Successful completion of IIEP’s online course on corruption in education


    IIEP successfully concluded its online course on ‘Transparency, accountability and accountability measures’ held from 21 September to 6 November 2020. The objective of the course was to strengthen the skills of participants in assessing corruption risks in the education sector and designing adequate tools and strategies to address such risks.

  • New IIEP online course on corruption in education


    September 2020 marked the launch of the IIEP-UNESCO online course on ‘Transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures in education’. Building on IIEP’s research and training activities in the area of corruption in education, this new course aims to bring together different education stakeholders to learn and exchange on practices of corruption, and strategies to address them in different education domains. This online course is organized as part of the Institute’s programme on Ethics and Corruption in Education.

  • New interactive map providing comparative country statistics on corruption in education


    ETICO’s new map facilitates access to comparative country-level statistics on corruption in education, providing a valuable resource for decision-makers and researchers.

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    Universities to crack down on grade inflation


    Sky News - University World News

    According to a report carried out by Universities UK, the Higher education institutions should stop rounding up borderline marks and avoid discounting core or final-year modules. This comes in response to a warning from the Universities Minister that too many institutions felt pressured to lower their admission standards. The report sets out six measures to ensure transparency in the calculation of final grades and calls for a single algorithm to be used to calculate the final grade that the students receive.

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    The challenges hindering the promotion of a culture of integrity at Jordanian Universities

    Esraa Fwzi Mustafa Abu Amshah, Mohammed Amin” Hamed Al-Qudah - The Journal of Education and Practice

    A recent study shows that nepotism, materialistic employees, and lack of resources are some of the challenges that hinder the promotion of a culture of integrity in Jordanian universities. Faculty members could play a very important role in addressing these problems by providing courses that promote transparency, justice, accountability, and equality among individuals in society. The Anti-Corruption Commission launched initiatives in 2019 to encourage family-community partnerships improve the educational process.

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