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    Calls for minister's axing over student fund abuse claims


    Kudzai Mashininga - University World News

    Zimbabwe’s Higher Education, Science and Technology Minister is facing a probe over the alleged abuse of approximately US$450,000 meant for students in a development that has seen students calling for him to pay back the money and resign. According to a charge sheet prepared by the anti-graft commission, the minister is alleged to have used part of the money to fund cronies in his constituency as part of a bid to regain his seat in the 2018 general elections. His deputy, is alleged to have formed a company that benefitted from the student funds as universities were directed to buy equipment from his firm.

  • Etude de capitalisation de l'expérience de l'étude de traçabilité des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso: rapport final définitif mai 2015

    L'étude dont l'objectif central était d'améliorer l'efficacité et l'efficience des dépenses publiques dans le secteur de l'éducation primaire au Burkina Faso a passé en revue les goulots d'étranglement qui minent l'exécution efficiente des ressources...

    Burkina Faso. Ministère de l'économie et des finances

    Ouagadougou, AMD, 2015

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    Cleaning up corruption in Nicaragua's education ministry


    - Id21 Education

    A report from Fundación Grupo Civico Etica y Transparencia (EyT) was elaborated to show the results of the "Corruption Prevention in the Education System project". After monitoring large construction contract processes related to the maintenance of schools in rural areas, EyT found that a significant part of the Ministry of Education's public contracting budget had irregularities. It advised the Ministry to strengthen the quality control of materials and conduct regular internal audits.

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    Doors opening, doors slamming


    Stefan Mitas - TOL

    Despite the promises of great reforms in education made by the new President, the Soviet system is still running. Many allege that the bureaucrats involved in the renovations of schools frequently sign dual contracts with foreign construction companies, deliberately designed to allow a huge portion of the reported contract costs to disappear. Moreover, bribes are still viewed as a secondary prerequisite for university admission after one's scores on standardized entrance examinations.

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    Two illegal universities closed


    Fortunate Ahimbisibwe - The New Vision

    The National Council for Higher Education has ordered the closure of Luweero University and Central Buganda University (CBU). The council also says Namasagali and Fairland Universities have up to December to improve their facilities or face closure. The council's deputy executive director said they had written to the Inspector General of Police to effect the closure. "Luweero University and CBU are illegal and any student who goes there does so at his or her own risk. The council does not recognise them as universities and we have requested the Police to close them down." Both Luweero and CBU have over 2,000 students studying Business Administration, Social Work and Social Administration as well as Computer Science.

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    Lessons in graft


    Marina Kozlova - Transition On Line

    In Uzbekistan, many schools lack basic supplies and teachers sometimes resort to asking pupils for cash to supplement meager budgets. The Uzbek Uchitel Uzbekistana newspaper in August 2007 reported that even the most experienced elementary and secondary-school teachers earn less than $100 a month. In 2007, Transparency International ranked Uzbekistan fifth from bottom in its corruption index of 180 nations surveyed.

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    Velasco Ibarra School a No-Man's-Land


    - Ultimas Noticias

    Le directeur provincial de l'éducation confirme que le principal d'une école du soir, au nord de Quito, fait l'objet d'une enquête suite à des soupçons de détournement de fonds et de harcèlement sexuel. Le principal, à la tête de l'école depuis 23 ans, a demandé aux étudiants d'acheter des uniformes et des joggings exclusivement à l'école ; en outre, il a embauché deux de ses proches en tant qu'enseignants alors que l'un d'entre eux n'avait jamais enseigné.

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    Save us from Homisdallen and Buloba


    - New Vision

    Two of the most prestigious high school institutions are been blame of sending home earlier the children in order to save substantial utilities and teacher's allowances, of detaining children at school in holydays and of asking parents to pay fees twice in the same term.

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    School Year Starts, but Schools Still Not Ready


    Javier Estrada Tobar - La Hora

    Against the backdrop of the ministry's policy to make education free of charge, the 2009 school year has begun, beset by shortages of supplies, lunches, furniture, and some teachers in public schools and institutions. Not only did pupils entering the schools have to take or buy their lunch but they also got an extended playtime, as the schools lacked the desks and teaching materials for the few teachers who were in place to give classes.

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    School Meals a Front for Scam


    - Prensa Libre

    Operaciones y Descuentos Diversos, S.A. (Oddisa), a company chosen to prepare and distribute school lunches is under investigation for misappropriation of funds and money laundering. The many transactions, including accounts in Barbados, Luxembourg, and Paris, plus reports from schools in the provinces that stores of school-lunch products were burgled and other warehouses burned down, made it impossible to recover records.

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