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  • Corruption, public investment, and growth

    Corruption, particularly political or "grand corruption", distorts the entire decision-making process connected with public investment projects. The degree of distorsions is higher with weaker auditing institutions. The evidence presented shows that...

    Tanzi, Vito, Davoodi, Hamid

    Washington, IMF, 1997

  • Using surveys for public sector reform

    Data that can be used to inform policy decisions are typically scarce in low-income countries, where standard policy prescriptions are less likely to apply. But if strategically designed, a survey can help induce policy change by pointing directly to...

    Reinikka, Ritva

    Washington, World Bank, 1999

  • Learning the wrong lesson in Malawi's schools

    Serious fraud relating to the issuing of contracts to build schools, involving K187 million (US $2.3 million), was reported at Malawi's Ministry of Education in 2000 by the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly. Two cabinet ministers...

    Mawaya, Patrick

    Berlin, Transparency International , 2001

  • Students: victims of corruption

    Respecting students as one of a country's most important resources is the best way a society can secure a positive and prosperous future for itself. After the war, corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina flourished in all sectors. Students reported that...

    Brodlic, Erna

    Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic, IACC Council, 2001

  • Newspaper

    Mbale Schools Cited in Graft



    - All Africa

    Contractors hired to build schools in Mbale district have accused primary school management committees of demanding bribes before releasing funds under the school facilitation grant programme.

  • Newspaper

    New York consortium will pay $1.4-million in federal suit alleging fraud



    Will Potter - Chronicle of Higher Education

    A non-profit corporation that provides a high-speed computer network to colleges in New York State agreed last month to pay the federal government $1.4-million in a lawsuit alleging that it had misused a federal grant.

  • Public expenditure tracking surveys in education

    Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS) allow policy makers to diagnose how incentives and accountability systems are working in practice and how they can be improved. Among the results provided by PETS are estimates of leakage, data on the...

    Reinikka, Ritva, Smith, Nathanael

    Paris, UNESCO, 2004

  • Corruption in the higher education system of Georgia

    This report analyzes the level of corruption within the higher education system of Georgia. It uncovers the main reasons for the existence of corruption and the variables influencing it. The research recommends and discusses possible ways of...

    Rostiashvili, Ketevan

    Tbilisi, TraCCC CO, 2004

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