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  • Standing against corruption is your choice: strategies for teachers. Facilitators handbook

    These two course handbooks were produced by Transparency International PNG to help teachers recognize the signs and symptoms of misuse and abuse. One is for teacher participants and the second is for facilitators who teach the course. The aim of the...

    Transparency International (Papua New Guinea)

    Arawa, Transparency International, PNG Department of Education, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, International Education Agency, 2000

  • Eliminating world poverty: making globalisation work for the poor

    While progress has been made over the years in development, many challenges yet remain in order to make globalization work for the poor. This second White Paper on international development, produced by the Department for International Development...

    UK. Secretary of State for International Development

    London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 2000

  • Are larger countries really more corrupt?

    Several authors claim to provide evidence that government corruption is less severe in small rather than large countries. Knack and Azfar demonstrate in this book that this relationship is an artifact of sample selection. Most corruption indicators...

    Knack, Stephen, Azfar, Omar

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2000

  • Reducing corruption at the local level

    Corruption ranks, together with effective democratic representation, as the most important problem facing local governments. The challenge facing local governments is to develop innovative ways of building effective, accountable, and transparent...

    Gonzalez de Asis, Maria

    Washington, World Bank, 2000

  • The Quality of growth

    This book is in the spirit of continuous inquiry and feedback in framing development thinking. It is addressed to policymakers, practitioners, and others in developing as well as industrial countries. It reaffirms the crucial contribution of market...

    Thomas, Vinod, Dailam, Mansoor, Dhareshwar, Ashok, Kaufmann, Daniel, Kishor, Nalin, López, Ramón, Wang, Yan

    Oxford (UK), Oxford University Press, 2000

  • No longer business as usual: fighting bribery and corruption

    Not so long ago, bribing public officials in foreign countries to obtain business deals was, if not an acceptable, at least a tolerated business practice in many OECD countries. In the new millenium, the OECD and associated governments, which account...


    Paris, OECD, 2000

  • Of academic fraud and the education crisis

    The World Wide Web has given students unprecedented access to legitimate and illegitimate education resources. Steinberg gives an oversight of the implications of it on present-day higher education. He thus describes how, in the U.S., internet-based...

    Steinberg, Iain

    Washington, The Washington Times, 2000

  • The Fight against bribery and corruption

    Since 1989, the OECD has played a leading role in the battle against international bribery and corruption. The fight gathered momentum in 1999 with the entry into force of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in...


    Paris, OECD, 2000

  • Hidden challenges to education systems in transition economies

    This book outlines the strategy of the World Bank to guide its work with Europe and Central Asia (ECA) clients in education. In the early stages of the transition, it was felt that education could be safely ignored, because the region faced...

    Berryman, Sue E.

    Washington, World Bank, 2000

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