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    Ghent university scraps 400 exam papers after fraud is discovered


    Alain Hope - The Brussels Time

    During online tests, the Ghent University received a warning that cheating had occurred and that students shared correct answers using online channels. After further examination of the evidence, the university declared all four tests invalid including those students who did not cheat. The students responsible for organizing the fraud will be sanctioned, scored zero out of 20, and excluded from any resits.

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    Plagiarism: The catholic university of Louvain tests a software anti-cheat


    Isabelle Decoster - Catholic University of Louvain

    The plagiarism is more and more spread in universities. In cause, Internet. To overcome this phenomenon, the catholic university of Louvain makes sensitive and tests a detector software of plagiarism. Every work or report is scanned by the software. Green light, the work is "sane". Red light, similarities with accessible documents on the Web or in the works of other students exist and the teacher will have to establish the scale of the plagiarism.

  • Anti-Corruption Toolkit

    This Anti-corruption Toolkit is based on lessons learned from the technical cooperation activities facilitated by the Global Programme against Corruption of the United Nations Office in Drugs and Crime.The toolkit provides an inventory of the...

    United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention

    Vienna, UNODCCP, 2001

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