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  • Building integrity in fragile contexts

    How can donors balance anti-corruption goals with the need to promote stability in fragile and conflict-affected states? What can be learned from the Performance Based Governance Fund in Afghanistan? This brief highlights the emergence of context...

    Marquette, Heather

    Birmingham (UK), University of Birmingham, International Development Department, IDD, 2012

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    Afghan education not making the grade



    Frud Bezhan - Radio Free Europe

    Afghan education officials have found themselves embroiled in controversy after a record number of students failed in national university entry exams last week. Afghan students accuse the Higher Education Ministry, which determines university placement, of fraud and discrimination, insisting that as many as 60,000 of them failed purely on the basis of their ethnicity and mother language.

  • Newspaper

    Officials ‘tempered’ education data to obtain US aid



    Ameen Amjad Khan - University World News

    A senior US official has called for independent verification of Afghan government figures on the use of US education aid following claims by Afghan ministers that the previous government had provided data on US-funded school and higher education projects that were flawed, tempered and exaggerated, and had interfered with university entrance exams. These allegations suggest the existence of ghost schools and teachers that are being paid for with US aid money.

  • Video

    Afghanistan’s ghost schools



    Al Jazeera English -

    Afghanistan’s government says at least 8 million children are enrolled in school, but activists allege that up to 70 percent of the schools on official lists are alleged to be bogus, or only have a fraction of the students they claim.

  • Ministry - wide vulnerability to corruption assessment of the Ministry of Education

    In July 2016, His Excellency Dr. Asadullah Hanif Balkhi, the Minister of Education, requested MEC to conduct a ‘Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment’ of the Ministry of Education. This Ministry wide Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment (MVCA) is...

    Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (Afghanistan), MEC

    Kabul, Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (Afghanistan), MEC, 2017

  • Newspaper

    Corruption plagues Afghanistan's education system



    Alex Cooper - OCCRP

    As another school year begins in Afghanistan, the country continues to face insecurity, an epidemic of corruption within its education system and old customs that keep many students and qualified teachers away from classrooms. Violence and corruption are problems that can hardly be solved on grassroots level only. Increased violence forced more than 1,000 schools to shut their doors since 2016 and according to a report compiled by the country’s independent corruption monitor, corruption is “devastating” the education system and the country.

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