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    Vietnam to teach anti-corruption courses in high school

    Viet Nam

    - Tuoitr Enews

    The nation will make the battle against corruption part of the high school curriculum in the 2013-14 academic year, starting in September, after it was piloted for three years in accordance with a government decision issued in late 2009.

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    Very good on paper

    Viet Nam

    - The Economist

    In a recent survey the organization [Transparency International] found that 49% of Vietnamese respondents perceived their education sector to be "corrupt" or "highly corrupt". Corruption is plainly evident at elite Vietnamese schools. Yet it also exists on a smaller scale, in subtler forms...

  • Achieving transparency in pro-poor education incentives

    What are the best ways to ensure that scholarships, conditional cash transfers, free school meals, and so on, actually reach their intended beneficiaries? This book assumes that different models of design, targeting, and management of pro-poor...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2014

  • Combatting corruption in education on a global front

    Muriel Poisson


  • Corruption in Vietnamese higher education

    More than two decades have passed since Vietnam began the transition to a market economy. The policy of Doi Moi, generally translated as economic renovation, has fostered major changes in social and economic institutions and highly improved...

    Mc Cornac, Dennis C.


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    Students hire impersonators to sit in English exams

    Viet Nam

    - vietnam.net

    With more universities and offices requiring English qualifications from graduates, students are turning to hiring other people to sit their English exams. The police in HCM City's Thu Duc District are investigating a case in which 34 students at the HCM City University of Agriculture and Forestry hired impersonators for their English exams. Last year, 10 impersonators were uncovered. Meanwhile, universities which require students take TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS tests as English graduation exams have received a number of fake certificates.

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    Government urged to follow money trail

    Viet Nam

    - Viet Nam News

    A member of the Association of Việt Nam’s Universities and Colleges, spoke about the fight against corruption in higher education. The professor questioned how Government officials’ can afford to send their children to study abroad, suggesting greater transparency is needed regarding their assets. He also condemns the practice of giving scholarships to children of high high-ranking Government officials who have not excelled academically, citing it as a sign of corruption.

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    University tuition fees must be publicised

    Viet Nam

    - VietNam News

    Freshmen to universities with financial autonomy have called on the universities to publicise tuition fees so that they and their families can manage the sum actively. A local newspaper on Friday reported that some universities “forget” to publicise tuition fees, which made students and their families confused and worried about transparency at the universities. In the middle of last month, second-year students at the National Economics University were shocked when the university announced a 30 per cent increase in tuition fees in the coming academic year.

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