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  • Sound the alarm! Corruption in the education sector

    A new report by Corruption Watch reveals the persistent graft and corruption in certain areas of the education sector in South Africa, despite the numerous policies and legislation intended to provide unimpeded access to decent education. Titled...

    Ncala, Melusi

    Corruption Watch, 2022

  • Newspaper

    Universities see rise in cheating with move to online tests

    South Africa

    Cape Argus - University World News

    Stellenbosch University experienced an unusual increase in academic misconduct amongst students due to the move to online assessments during the COVID crisis. In 2020, 183 students were charged with collusion, where one or more students assisted each other during online assessments, compared to only 2 students in 2019.

  • Social auditing: an illustrative form of open government in education

    As part of its research project on ‘Open government (OG) in education: Learning from experience’, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) has prepared five thematic briefs illustrating various forms of OG as applied to the...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, IIEP-UNESCO, 2021

  • Newspaper

    Senior Eastern Cape education officials arrested for fraud

    South Africa

    Sihle Mlambo - IOL

    Four former senior officials from the Eastern Cape Department of Education and a company director have been arrested on corruption charges involving the purchase of textbooks for students. The senior education official bypassed the department's supply chain process by obtaining a Supplementary Resource Material (SRM) agreement that was not required. Reports allege that the official received a bribe in the form of two laptops and a mobile phone from the company that received the R59 million for the SRM material.

  • Newspaper

    With online exams, UNISA sees an increase in cheating and plagiarism

    South Africa

    Msindisi Fengu - City Press

    2,400 students from the colleges of agriculture, environmental and human sciences and engineering have had their marks withheld by UNISA due to concerns over cheating. Over 750 warning letter have been issued and other 200 cases were still outstanding. The consequences of cheating can results in disqualification from future tests or examinations, and exclusions or expulsions from the university.

  • Newspaper

    Bullying is ‘rife’ at higher education institutions

    South Africa

    Edwin Naidu - University World News

    According to the director of Higher Education Resource Services South Africa (HERS-SA) paper, 41 (50%) of women had experienced bullying in higher education workplace. Several South African institutions, including the University of Cape Town (UCT), the University of Venda, and UNISA, have been in the news over claims of bullying, amid other controversies. At UCT, the Vice-Chancellor was accused of bullying by 37 UCT academics and staff members. Research also shows that some victims are bullied because they observed and spoke up about corruption, or even worse when they were forced to be part of corrupt processes.

  • Newspaper

    Warning for professor who gave student plagiarised work

    South Africa

    - University World News

    A professor at the University of South Africa (UNISA) gave a student plagiarised work of his research assistant who left UNISA. He helped him to fraudulently gain a master’s degree and eventually a Ph.D. He was given a written warning by UNISA valid 12 months.

  • Newspaper

    You can now go to jail for faking a degree on your CV

    South Africa

    Philip de Wet - Business Insider

    You can now go to jail for faking a degree on your CV According to South Africa's (SA) National Qualifications Framework Act, falsely or fraudulently claiming a higher education qualification is a criminal offence subject to a prison sentence or a fine. Bragging that you have a doctorate or other degree on LinkedIn or Twitter bio, can be enough to get you into serious trouble. Under the new Law, operators of bogus institutions will also face jail for up to five years if claiming to be registered as education institutions in SA or abroad.

  • Newspaper

    Education activists make submission to Zondo Commission

    South Africa

    Jay-Dee Cyster - Politics web

    A number of senior officials in the Eastern Cape have been accused of corruption in relation to an R1 billion-school nutrition programme in the province; another case involves irregularities in relation to school infrastructure provisioning or allegations of corruption in the awarding of a contract to EduSolutions by the Limpopo Department of Education. The contract for the procurement of textbooks for schools in the province was canceled in 2012 after millions had been paid to EduSolutions.

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