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  • Newspaper

    Students are caught in a currency exchange trap


    Al-Fanar-Medi - University World News

    Private universities in Yemen charge tuition fees in US dollars and create their own currency exchange rates, causing many students to drop out of school. Until 2017, the Central Bank of Yemen in Sanaa set the price of the dollar at 250 Yemeni rials. However, private universities in Taiz set the exchange rate at 400 rials for a dollar and the universities of Aden at 500. Other private universities require students in Aden to pay in dollars and do not accept rials. This forces students to resort to the black market, with an exchange rate of 820 rials per dollar.

  • Anti-corruption initiatives of UNDP

    This document provides an overview of UNDP's action in the area of anti-corruption, whose main goal is to facilitate civil society and the private sector involvement in policy development and in public sector management so as to improve transparency...

    United Nations Development Programme (USA)

    New York (USA), UNDP, 2000

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