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    How a Chinese company bought access to admissions officers at top U.S. colleges

    USA, China

    Steve Stecklow, Renee Dudley, James Pomfret and Alexandra Harney - Reuters

    A major Chinese education company has paid thousands of dollars in perks or cash to admissions officers at top U.S. universities to help students apply to American schools. According to eight former employees the company’s services didn’t end there. Employees engaged in practices such as writing application essays for students, altering recommendation letters and modifying grades on high school transcripts. The company’s success in gaining access to leading American colleges underscores how people on both sides of the Pacific are hungry to capitalize on Chinese students’ desire to study in the United States.

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    The growth of fraud in higher education


    Ararat Osipian - University World News

    Today’s higher education legal landscape in the USA is characterised by a wave of issues, including inflated employment rates for recent graduates, inflated starting salaries, as is the case with law schools and business schools, and the employment formula linked to federal grants and loans recipients, as is the case with for-profits. This wave will bring more lawsuits.

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    Close confucius institutes on US campuses, NAS says

    USA, China

    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    Universities in the United States should close down their Confucius Institutes – teaching and research centres funded directly by the Chinese government – says a report by the National Association of Scholars or NAS. The wide-ranging report includes additional insights on the institutes’ often-secretive operations gleaned from the contracts signed with a dozen US universities, obtained through freedom of information law requests. The report, Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and soft power in American higher education, says unless contracts between US universities and the Hanban can be renegotiated to include more transparency, financial and hiring autonomy for US host universities, academic freedom guarantees and other safeguards, the institutes should be shut down.

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    Years of ethics charges, but star cancer researcher gets a pass


    James Glanz and Agustin Armendariz - NY Times

    One of the most prolific scientists in an emerging area of cancer research involving what is sometimes called the “dark matter” of the human genome has parlayed his decades-long pursuit of cancer remedies into a research empire: He has received more than $86 million in federal grants as a principal investigator and, by his own count, more than 60 awards. However, over the last several years a tide of allegations have been made concerning data falsification and other scientific misconduct. Concerns about falsified data in the scientific literature run far deeper as cases of fraud can reverberate through whole fields of research.

  • Corruption and abuse of power in educational administration

    Corruption and abuse of power in educational administration in K12 and higher education institutions are important, though neglected, research topics. As such, they might rightfully be termed our profession's "dirty little secrets. This article...

    Waite, Dundan, Allen, David


  • The Real and the fake: degree and diploma mills

    The recent release of a list of over 9,000 people who bought degrees from St. Regis “University” has helped bring into focus a problem that legitimate institutions like to ignore: An enormous number of people who could be getting real college...

    Contreras, Alan, Gollin, George


  • Handbook of academic integrity

    The book brings together diverse views from around the world and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, beginning with different definitions of academic integrity through how to create the ethical academy. At the same time, the Handbook...

    Bretag, Tracey

    Singapore, Springer Singapore, 2016

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