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  • Newspaper

    Donors bank on eradicating corruption

    Tanzania UR

    Daniel Dickinson - BBC News, Dar es Salaam

    A new approach in development aid could be fuelling corruption. Western countries are testing the "budget support model", whereby funds are given directly to the government in order to reduce poverty. A report claims that up to June 2002, government expenditure was not supported by the correct documentation.

  • Newspaper

    Users of fake academic transcripts under fire

    Tanzania UR

    Deus Ngowi - All Africa

    The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has issued a stern warning to members of public against processing and use of fake academic transcripts or identification. Closing the initial training for Police and Immigration trainees at Tanzania Police College here on Friday, the Inspector said the untoward conduct is taking shape in some sections of the society, within and outside education institutions and it must be stopped.

  • Corruption and the future of the public service in Africa

    Corruption is a formidable challenge to the public service in Africa. Corruption has not only eroded the public service's established principales such as merit, neutrality, equality, accountability and representativeness but also its legitimacy or...

    Ayee, Joseph

    Accra, University of Ghana, 2002

  • Corruption and the delivery of health and education services

    This paper summarizes the expanding literature on corruption in the health and education sectors. It begins with a discussion of the nature of corruption in health and education and presents a typology of different kinds of corruption in the provider...

    Azfar, Omar

    Maryland, IRIS, 2001

  • Why do developing country anti-corruption commissions fail to deal with corruption? Understanding the three dilemmas of organisational development, performance expectation, and donor and government cycles

    This article reviews aspects of the literature on Anti-Corruption Agencies or Commissions (ACC) and sets the context for its empirical research into five African countries, i.e. Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It argues that...

    Doig, Alan, Watt, David, Williams, Robert


  • PETS-QSDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: a stocktaking study

    In order to improve governance and reduce corruption in public service delivery (like ghost workers for example...), micro-level data is required to understand the incentives and behaviour of public officials, service providers and clients in order...

    Gauthier, Bernard

    Washington, World Bank, 2006

  • Anticorruption strategy for DFID

    This DFID policy paper investigates the causes and effects of corruption on the development process and proposes a holistic global strategy for combating corruption involving action in a number of area. These include: supporting poorer states...

    UK. Dept for International Development

    Bergen, Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2002

  • Follow the money

    This toolkit follows the transfer of public funds from central to local governments until they reach users such as schools and clinics. It explains how a public expenditure tracking system operates and how it can benefit marginalized groups. With...

    Hakikazi Catalyst, REPOA, TGNP

    Tanzania, LGWG, 2008

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