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  • Free to Think 2016

    This report from Scholars at Risk, an international network of higher education institutions and individuals. It documents and analyses attacks on higher education communities in 35 countries occurring between May 2015 and September 2016. The report...

    Scholars at Risk, SAR (USA)


  • Newspaper

    Plagiarism scandal hits Turkish academia


    - Hurriyet Daily

    Some 34 percent of academic theses in Turkey have high plagiarism rates, according to a report by the Education Policy Research and Application Center (BEPAM) of Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University. In its study on the “quality of academic writing,” BEPAM examined 600 theses in total, including 470 master’s theses and 130 doctoral theses written between 2007 and 2016. The study revealed “heavy plagiarism” in 34 percent of the theses. The rate was 46 percent in private universities and 31 percent in public universities.

  • Newspaper

    HDP questions education minister amid row over diploma


    - hurriyet daily news

    The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy parliamentary group co-chair has addressed a parliamentary question to the Education Minister, asking him to clarify the mystery surrounding the validity of the President’s university diploma amid an ongoing debate over whether the president was actually a university graduate. The debate has legal implications, as Article 101 of Turkey’s constitution states that the country’s president has to be chosen among citizens over 40 years of age who have a higher education diploma.

  • Government favouritism in Europe

    This volume reunites the fieldwork of 2014-2015 in the ANTICORRP project. It is entirely based on objective indicators and offers both quantitative and qualitative assessments of the linkage between political corruption and organised crime using...

    Mungiu-Pippidi, Alina

    Opladen, Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2015

  • Newspaper

    YÖK launches inquiry into VIP favoritism allegations at İstanbul University


    - Todayszaman

    The Higher Education Board (YÖK) has launched an inquiry into allegations that about 450 students, most of whom are relatives of senior Justice and Development Party (AK Party) figures, were enrolled at Istanbul University's open and distance education faculty (AUZEF) even though they did not meet the enrollment criteria. All high school graduates have to pass the YGS and the LYS in order to be admitted to universities in Turkey.

  • Newspaper

    In Syria, students are forced to buy fake diplomas

    Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey

    Amélie Petitdemange - Le Figaro Etudiant

    For thousands of young Syrians it has become impossible to pursue university studies in a country threatened by civil war. In order to begin a new life abroad, students buy therefore fake diplomas. A business that is increasing in the neighboring Turkey.

  • Newspaper

    Fact-finding mission condemns persecution of academics


    Brendan O'Malley - University World News

    A fact-finding mission in Turkey by the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies, or IHRNASS, has concluded that criminal charges brought against eight leading academics and scientists are not supported by evidence.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption runs deep in Turkish universities, hacker group shows


    - Hurriyet Daily News

    Turkish hacker group RedHack has leaked over 60,000 documents in its latest attack on the Council of Higher Education of Turkey (YÖK) website, unraveling hundreds of corruption investigations and documented incidents. The documents consist of bank account information, parliamentary complaints, correspondence between YÖK and universities, as well as end reports of corruption investigations.

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