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    Corruption in the education sector


    - IMG Médias

    The report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed suspicions of financial and administrative corruption in the public education sector for the year 2018. These suspicions include embezzlement of funds by the accountant of a college in Menzel Bouzelfa (Nabeul), as well as the appropriation of public funds by the headmaster of a primary school in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid.

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    Rediscovering the power of trust: The case of education in Tunisia


    Mihaylo Milovanovitch - Transparency International

    Right after its inauguration in 2012, the then new Tunisian government reassured its electorate that it will continue to take the fight against corruption seriously. Numerous international partners were asked to submit their recommendations, and soon enough the authorities' to-do list becam very long.

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    Tunisia : Corruption – Report from the Ministry of Education


    A. Chraiet - La Presse

    The Minister of Education has prepared a report on his Department's activities in 2012. It focused on two main areas : the functioning of the processes in the ministry and the reform of the educational system. The report addresses a number of important issues in relation to the education system as a whole, including corruption within the ministry itself.

  • Approvisionnement en livres scolaires : vers plus de transparence

    Les dépenses consacrées aux manuels scolaires et aux matériels pédagogiques, pour le seul enseignement de base et pour l'ensemble de l'Afrique francophone, atteignent un peu plus de 500 milliards de francs CFA pour la dernière décennie. Une telle...

    Leguéré, Jean-Pierre

    Paris, UNESCO, 2003

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