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  • Newspaper

    Syria. The Assad family’s fake diplomas

    Syrian Arab Republic

    Ammar Moussarih - Courrier International

    Fascinated by easy money, the members of the family who have ruled over Syria since 1970 also love collecting university qualifications obtained through dishonest and violent means. The various degrees held by the members of the family, including in medicine, law, engineering and pharmaceuticals, were not won thanks to their hard work, but rather thanks to money and the abuse of power.

  • Newspaper

    Damascus university seeks to combat forged degrees

    Syrian Arab Republic

    Riham Alkousaa - Al-Fanar Media

    Damascus University recently issued its first digitally enhanced diplomas, part of an initiative to combat the use of forged diplomas by students wanting to claim they graduated from the country’s oldest institution of higher education. Reports have surfaced of diploma-forging rackets in Turkey and in Persian Gulf countries, as Syrian refugees who have fled their country’s brutal war seek to boost their qualifications in order to gain access to educational or work opportunities, either in the region or beyond.

  • Newspaper

    In Syria, students are forced to buy fake diplomas

    Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey

    Amélie Petitdemange - Le Figaro Etudiant

    For thousands of young Syrians it has become impossible to pursue university studies in a country threatened by civil war. In order to begin a new life abroad, students buy therefore fake diplomas. A business that is increasing in the neighboring Turkey.

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