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    Celebrity surgeon falsely described synthetic trachea operations as successful, review concludes


    Lee Roden - The Local

    The Swedish organization in charge of reviewing research has judged that scandal-hit surgeon was guilty of scientific misconduct for misleadingly describing synthetic trachea operations as successful in a series of research articles. In 2014, four doctors at Stockholm's Karolinska University Hospital reported him to the then president of the Karolinska Institute (KI) for allegedly distorting the facts about his operations with artificial tracheas when presenting them in scientific journals. The articles were subsequently reviewed in 2015 by Uppsala University surgical sciences professor, who concluded that Macchiarini was guilty of research misconduct, but KI's overall assessment was to clear him and the co-authors.

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    Record number of Swedish university students caught cheating


    - The Local

    A growing number of students are being suspended from Swedish universities because they have been caught cheating.In its review of 33 universities in Sweden, TT newswire found 733 students had been suspended due to cheating in 2016. A recurring question, which is difficult to answer, is whether a high number of suspensions is due to extensive cheating, or the result of a persistent hunt for cheaters. According to the same logic, it is difficult to know if few suspensions means a university has few cheaters, or if it is simply bad at catching them.

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