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    We are the perfect gadflies: How youth can help to fight corruption in education


    Frits Brouwer - Global Partnership for Education

    For Dutch Youth Representative for UNESCO, education has to come to the forefront of the development debate. He states that the implementation and effectiveness of many education programmes is hampered by corruption, and that young people can play a vital role in combatting this.

  • Measuring corruption

    In this book, Transparency International's (TI) world-renowned 'corruption perception index' (CPI) and 'bribery perception index' (BPI) are explained and examined by a number of experts. They set out to establish how reliable these indexes are in...

    Sampford, Charles J.G., Shacklock, Arthur, Connors, Carmel, Galtung, Fredrik

    Aldershot (England), Ashgate, 2006

  • Ethics in the public service. Current issues and practice

    OECD countries are concerned about declining confidence in government. This report examines how nine OECD countries namely: Australia, Finland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States, are...


    Paris, OECD, 1996

  • Utstein partners' anti-corruption strategies: comparative analysis

    This presentation of the Utstein anti-corruption policies is based on a study of available documentation, and seeks to present policies and strategies in a comparative framework. The presentation, however, does not review progress in terms of the...

    Hellan, Johan


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    Ministry changes rules on course inspections after diploma scandal


    Robert Visscher - University World News

    Independent investigations into journalism diplomas awarded at Windesheim University have found that one in four students should not actually have been awarded one. In what is seen as one of the biggest failures of quality assurance in Netherlands higher education, two independent committees that looked into the work of all students who graduated in the past two years concluded that 86 out of 360 students should not have received a diploma.

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    World heart research expert fired


    Jan Petter Myklebust - University World News

    A world-renowned expert on the reduction of risks involved in heart surgery has been dismissed from Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, after violation of academic integrity. In one study it was found that he used patient data without permission, used fictitious data, and that two reports were submitted to conferences which included knowingly unreliable data.

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    Dean may face data fraud charges


    Jan Petter Myklebust - University World News

    A Tilburg University inquiry has recommended that details of forgery of documents and fraud committed by a leading social psychologist should be passed to the Dutch public prosecution service.

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    The Dutch fight for research integrity


    David Matthews - Times Higher Education

    Every researcher in the Netherlands is to be questioned about whether they have committed research misconduct or engaged in “sloppy science” as part of a major national effort to bolster scientific standards. In response to rising concerns over a “reproducibility crisis” in science and a series of high-profile fraud cases in the Netherlands, the country is to commit 8 million euros ($9 million) to understanding the problem, finding solutions and trying to reproduce critical studies.

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