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    Code of conduct critical to enhancing teacher accountability in Malawi


    - Devidiscourse

    To enhance teacher’s standards and accountability in education systems, Malawi’s Ministry of Education is developing its teachers’ policy, including the Teachers Code of Conduct (COC) with the support from UNESCO’s Norwegian Teacher Initiative. The CoC will include teachers from Teacher Training Colleges and should denounce corporal punishment.

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    Malawi exam fraud


    - Nyasa Times

    According to reports from the National Examinations Board, the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) English tests have been leaked. Answers had already been posted on social networks while candidates were waiting to take the test. Police in Lilongwe arrested three students from Kabwabwa Community Day Secondary School after they were found discussing a theory paper on agriculture that had been administered during the MSCE exams on Monday. Investigations are underway to establish the source of the leak.

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    Bribery rife in schools


    Joseph Malawi - The Nation

    The African Union report shows that at least 57 percent of people who make contact with schools in Malawi pay bribes. Informal payments threaten children’s rights and welfare. For example, informal charges by teachers for teaching, and for additional items such as school meals, books, uniforms or exams can drive poorer students in particular to miss school. In addition, the acquisition of fake or fraudulent qualifications affect the learning outcomes of children.

  • Information and transparency: school report cards in sub-Saharan Africa

    The use of ‘school report cards’, in which data on schools are shared with school actors, has been expanding in sub-Saharan Africa. However, data on, and evaluations of, their efficiency in improving transparency and accountability and tackling...

    Poisson, Muriel (ed.), Thu Phuong Nguyen, Lena , Dupain, Jonathan

    Paris, UNESCO. IIEP, 2018

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    28 teachers from Chilomoni ask for transfers after corruption accusations


    Chisomo Banda – Mana - Nyasa Times

    A mass exodus of teaching staff is looming at Likhubula Primary School in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre after 28 teachers asked for postings from the school following a stand-off that has arisen between the teachers and the surrounding community. In a letter, the teachers say they do not feel safe at their current workplace after the community openly accused them of misusing the school’s funds. The Chilomoni Ward Councilor accused the teachers of corruption when collecting funds from pupils and when handling other projects at the school.

  • New IIEP publication explores using school report cards to improve transparency


    IIEP is pleased to announce its latest publication Promoting Transparency through Information: A Global Review of School Report Cards by Xuejiao Joy Cheng and Kurt Moses from FHI 360.

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    Action Aid enhances accountability capacity in education service delivery


    Arnold Namanja - Mana.online

    In a bid to promote district level accountability in the delivery of education services, Action Aid has introduced an innovation which will address challenges to achieving high education standards. According to an Action Aid Project Officer in Mangochi, the initiative would address social accountability by working with the district council and building the capacity of various players in decision making positions to understand inclusive and accountable governance.

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