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    It's your school: Keeping Mexico's education system transparent


    Rafael Garcia Aceves - Transparency International

    Last December, 1,055 high school communities around Mexico – comprising almost 1.3 million students – engaged in a transparency and accountability exercise. This involves each principal of public high schools completing three electronic forms covering more than 100 indicators. These range from income and expenditure, to enrolment and academic performance, to the condition of school equipment and infrastructure.

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    Mexico pushes through transparency reform


    - Transparency International

    Mexico enacted its new transparency reform, this amendment to the constitution is a welcome change and will enhance the system through which people access public information. Access-to-information laws are vital for transparency and a key safeguard against corruption.

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    Phantom teachers


    - The Economist

    Most people worry about pupils skiving off. In Mexico, it is the teachers. The government Census of Public Schools (2013) in Mexico shows that 13% of all teachers registered on the schools' payrolls do not turn up to work. The government will now comb through the data to see who among the mi..

  • Le Plagiat, un enjeu pour l'intégrité des universités: le cas du Mexique

    Le secteur tertiaire est victime depuis quelques années de cas de fraude académique, et en particulier de plagiat, de plus en plus fréquents. Ces manquements à l'intégrité académique que tout étudiant se doit d'observer dans le cadre des règlements...

    Pautrat, Virginie

    Paris, Université de Paris V, 2014

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