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    Sex for grades scandal: five academics investigated



    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    Five professors at Hassan I University in Settat, Morocco, are under investigation after conversations on social media were leaked in which they were allegedly discussing the ‘sextortion’ of female students for extra credits. The academic community called for a Business Ethics module in the university staff training programmes that would stop promoting such abuses.

  • Newspaper

    Student protest over ‘sex for marks’ scandal



    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    Protesting students at the public Abdelmalek Essaâdi University have called for an investigation into allegations against a professor of mathematics accused of promising female students high marks in exchange for sexual relations, in a case that has rocked the institution and reignited concerns about sexual harassment in Moroccan universities. The sexual harassment allegations came to light after a student created a Facebook page on which she published private conversations and photos. By setting up the Facebook page, the student was acting in compliance with a call by another Arabic Facebook page called Denounce your Harasser, which aims to maximise individual and collective efforts to fight sexual harassment.

  • Cheating or cheated? Surviving secondary exit exams in a neoliberal era

    Cheating on exams is a rampant and highly developed practice among youth in the Arab world, often involving elaborate networks, advanced technology and adult authorities. Rather than viewing cheating as mere laziness or immorality, this article...

    Buckner, Elizabeth; Hodges, Rebecca


  • Newspaper

    Arrests for fraud in leakage of examination papers

    Algeria, Morocco


    Jane Marshall - University World News

    In Algeria the gendarmerie carried out ‘tens of arrests’ for fraud by officials, teachers and heads of some exam centres. Papers had been leaked via social networks, through more than 150 Facebook accounts, which had enabled the police to identify and arrest perpetrators. Meanwhile, 53 people have been arrested in a number of towns in Morocco for their alleged involvement in baccalauréat fraud. The arrests concerned 22 administrators of social network chat pages and sites for facilitating exam paper leaks and answers in return for money

  • Newspaper

    Moroccans unhappy with "ghost" civil servants



    Siham Ali - All Africa

    Young Moroccans are calling on the government to take action against ghost civil servants, particularly by replacing them with unemployed graduates. Young people criticized the situation, especially with the unemployment rate being particularly high amongst them and the government deciding to restrict access to the civil service.

  • Video

    Presenting Transparency International's Africa Education Watch report

    Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda


    Transparency International - Transparency International

    A survey conducted by Transparency International in Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Uganda covered different actors in the education system. The reports highlight the lack of budget information in schools and call for strengthened regulation and accountability, as well as greater involvement of school communities and parents. 



  • Africa Education Watch 2010: Good governance lessons for primary education

    This report presents a regional overview of accountability and transparency in primary education management in seven African countries. It has been produced within the framework of Africa Education Watch (AEW). AEW is a three year programme (2007...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency Maroc, 2010

  • Améliorer la qualité de l'enseignement supérieur: une étude du programme Tempus

    Ce document passe en revue les développements généraux dans le domaine de l’assurance qualité dans les pays soutenus par le programme Tempus (à savoir les pays partenaires Tempus) par l’intermédiaire d’études de cas tirés de projets Tempus dans le...

    European Commission

    Luxembourg, Office des publications offielles des Communautés européennes, 2009

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