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  • Newspaper

    Commission against corruption detects a subsidy scam involving the Continuing Education Development Plan

    Macao, China


    Commission Against Corruption - Government portal of Macao

    An investigation found nearly 170 residents who allegedly defrauded subsidies from the Continuing Education Development Plan, which involved over MOP1 million. Between 2016 and 2019, two staff members attracted residents to apply to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau for the Continuing Education Development Plan and apply for subsidised courses. The centre reported untrue attendance records and colluded with instructors and students to forge attendance records while the students received cash rebates amounting to half of the subsidies paid or took other courses held by the centre for free.

  • Newspaper

    SAT test cancelled in China, Macau over cheating fears

    Macao, China, China, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong China


    Mary Beth Marklein - University World News

    The United States firm that owns the SAT, a college entrance exam accepted by many US colleges and universities, cancelled plans to administer the test this weekend at centres in China and Macau following concerns that some students may have obtained information about questions in advance. Tests scheduled to be administered Saturday in Bahrain and Kazakhstan also were cancelled. Students in Hong Kong sat for the test Saturday as scheduled.

  • Teaching integrity to youth: examples from 11 countries

    This toolkit from Transparency International, published in December 2004, includes examples of youth education experiences from 11 countries. Education is central to preventing corruption, and thus young people, as the potential leaders of tomorrow...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2004

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