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    Head of maritime university takes leave in corruption probe


    - Stabroek News

    The president of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) along with the former Minister of Education are being investigated for corruption matters. During a previous Public Administration and Appreciation Committee (PAAC) sitting, the CMU president admitted that over $600,000 were paid towards a yacht party for the minister of education. According to the documents, the east Kingston-based university paid two companies a total of $674,930 to rent and decorate the yacht.

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    MOE being audited amid claims of corruption


    Livern Barret - The Gleaner

    There have been issues of cronyism, nepotism, and corruption in the Ministry of Education, subject to performance audits focused on adherence to the Government’s procurement guidelines and contracts management. According to the opposition leader, the allegations are related to the misuse of public funds and to the “politically connected” persons who have been employed by the education ministry as advisers, “but are not doing any work”.

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    Principal prejudice - Corrupt promotion policies hurting Jamaica's education system, claims professor


    Andre Poyser - The Gleaner

    A United Kingdom-based professor in education has declared that the promotion of teachers to the rank of principal in Jamaica is a flawed, corrupt enterprise prejudiced towards the 'favoured'. The Professor, reader in education at Brunel University in the United Kingdom, has contended that the progression of teachers in Jamaica to school leadership is characterised by systemic corruption.

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