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  • Legislative ethics: a comparative analysis

    This paper comparatively analyses legislative ethics, focusing on: the role of the legislature in combating corruption, the need for effective ethics regime; codes of conduct; ethics rules and financial disclosure requirements; enforcement and...

    National democratic institute for international affairs (USA)

    Washington, NDI, 1999

  • Newspaper

    Italian police arrest 18 in alleged exam-selling ring at la Sapienza U


    Francis X. Rocca - Chronicle of Higher Education

    Police officers have collected "much new evidence" in the case of an alleged exam-selling ring at Rome's La Sapienza University, the largest university in Europe, the local newspaper Il Messagero reported last week. According to police officers, students paid fees ranging from $1,695 to $ 3,391, depending on the degree of difficulty, to receive oral-exam questions in advance from the faculty member who would test them.

  • Teaching integrity to youth: examples from 11 countries

    This toolkit from Transparency International, published in December 2004, includes examples of youth education experiences from 11 countries. Education is central to preventing corruption, and thus young people, as the potential leaders of tomorrow...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2004

  • The Global corruption report 2005

    The 2005 Global Corruption Report focuses on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction. It includes expert reports on: post-conflict reconstruction, with a detailed analysis of corruption in Iraq; the mechanisms of corruption in...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2005

  • Newspaper

    Family fiefdoms blamed for tainting Italian universities


    Michael Day - The Independent

    A new research shows the extent of nepotism in higher education. Overall, the country's higher institutions are 10 times more likely than other places of work to employ two or more members of the same family. This grip of family fiefdoms is blamed for a nationwide brain drain.

  • Newspaper

    Drive to stamp out nepotism in universities


    Lee Adendorff - University World News

    The Italian cabinet has ordered the roll-out of a national accreditation scheme for academics to stamp out nepotism. Under the new scheme, commissions of five senior academics appointed in each university will accredit applicants for associate or full professorships on the basis of the quality and quantity of their academic output.

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