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    University students protest corruption that is denying them access to fair education

    Iran, Islamic Republic

    - Iran News Update

    Reports indicated that 14.6 million Iranians were expected to start school but the country was unprepared to accommodate them. A big number of dilapidated institutions have not received the necessary funding for reconstruction and furthermore, it was indicated that there was a shortage of around 100,000 teachers across the country. Students at the Amir Kabir University in Tehran participated in a demonstration against corrupt practices that are making their fees rise beyond all affordability.

  • Newspaper

    Scientific salami slicing: 33 papers from 1 Study

    Iran, Islamic Republic

    Neuroskeptic - Discover

    Given that scientists are judged in large part by the number of peer-reviewed papers they produce, it’s easy to understand the temptation to engage in salami publication. It’s officially discouraged, but it’s still very common to see researchers writing perhaps 3 or 4 papers based on a single project that could, realistically, have been one big paper. In an extreme case of salami slicing, the journal Archives of Iranian Medicine published a set of 33 papers about one study.

  • Silenced, expelled, imprisoned: repression of students and academics in Iran

    This report is based on research that Amnesty International conducted using a wide range of private and public sources. This included in-depth interviews with more than 50 individuals, both women and men, with direct knowledge of Iran's universities...

    Amnesty International

    Amnesty International Ltd, 2014

  • Newspaper

    Huge rise in segregation, and bias against women students

    Iran, Islamic Republic

    Yojana Sharma and Shafigeh Shirazi - University World News

    More than 600 degree programmes in 60 universities in Iran are now segregated by gender, in what is being seen as a major expansion of the government's efforts to separate male and female students. Iranian rights groups released the report of a study by Student News, which found that there has not only been an increase in gender separation but also in gender discrimination.

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