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  • Corruption prevention toolkit on kindergartens' operations

    Kindergarten plays a key role in early childhood education and hence the public has a high expectation on both its quality of education and governance. Following the launch of the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2017-18 school year, the...

    Independent Commission Against Corruption, 2020

  • Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC

    An Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has been estalished in Hong Kong, whose objective is "to pursue the corrupt through effective investigation and prosecution, to eliminate opportunities for corruption by introducing corruption...

    Hong Kong authorities


  • Newspaper

    University in row over undeclared offshore companies

    Hong Kong China

    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    University officials at Hong Kong Polytechnic University – a publicly funded institution – have been scrambling to explain its use of companies registered in secretive offshore tax havens, after revelations in the Panama Papers that it set up two companies offshore to channel funds. The university, known locally as PolyU, had not declared in any of its financial reports that it set up two companies in the British Virgin Islands in 2012 and 2013 as wholly owned subsidiaries of the university, raising questions about its financial transparency and reporting.

  • Newspaper

    SAT test cancelled in China, Macau over cheating fears

    Macao, China, China, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong China

    Mary Beth Marklein - University World News

    The United States firm that owns the SAT, a college entrance exam accepted by many US colleges and universities, cancelled plans to administer the test this weekend at centres in China and Macau following concerns that some students may have obtained information about questions in advance. Tests scheduled to be administered Saturday in Bahrain and Kazakhstan also were cancelled. Students in Hong Kong sat for the test Saturday as scheduled.

  • Newspaper

    Abuse of student internships "not fully revealed" by investigation

    China, Taiwan China, Hong Kong China

    Mimi Leung - University World News

    Students and academics from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong researching the working conditions of student interns at factories in China have said that an officially agreed investigation into working conditions at Foxconn factories, which produce Apple iPads, did not provide a "full picture" of the extent of abuse of the internship system.

  • Curbing corruption in public procurement in Asia and the Pacific

    Corruption in public procurement has become a major issue in the Asia-Pacific region as elsewhere in the world. As a result of corruption, private mansions are being built instead of bridges; swimming pools are dug instead of irrigation systems...

    Asian Development Bank, OECD

    Manila, ADB, 2007

  • Newspaper

    School administrative staff jailed for bribery over service contracts

    Hong Kong China

    - ICAC

    A school administrative staff has been jailed for 8 months at Eastern Magistracy for accepting a $100,000 loan from a cleaning contractor for renewing service contracts of the school for longer terms without consent of the school. The defendant must pay $15,600 in restitution to the school.

  • Newspaper

    ICAC launches HK's first audio-visual package to promote moral education through liberal studies

    Hong Kong China

    - ICAC

    While the liberal studies subject will be introduced in senior secondary education in 2009, the ICAC has launched Hong Kong's first audio-visual liberal studies teaching package to promote moral education among secondary school students.

  • Governance in education: transparency and accountability

    This book presents an international review of initiatives aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the management of education in a variety of domains, including: education financing, teacher appointment and transfer, teacher conduct...

    Hallak, Jacques, Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2006

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