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  • Newspaper

    Over 47,000 ghost students registered in public and private universities


    - Africahotnews

    Thanks to the introduction of a new biometric census system, education authorities discovered the presence of 47000 fictitious students in public and private universities in the capital Conakry. Thanks to this information, the government will able to better equip its universities and teaching staff, by making sure that funds are directed where they are most needed. The Minister of Higher Education has indicated that this process may also pave the way for the introduction of an automated university access system.

  • Newspaper

    Over 6,000 teachers have not been registered in Guinea


    - BBC News

    A preliminary report on the number of teachers in Guinea reveals that out of 50,000 teachers concerned, 6,381 have not been registered. According to the secretary of the Free Trade Union of Teachers and Researchers of Guinea, many of the teachers listed have been excluded. This grooming of the education sector is part of the agreement to end the Guinean teachers strike signed by the union of teachers and the government on 10 January 2019.

  • Mapping corruption risks in the Guinean education sector


    A new IIEP report presents the main findings of a corruption risk mapping exercise in the Guinean education sector, carried out by the IIEP at the request of the National Anti-Corruption Agency (ANLC) of the Republic of Guinea.

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