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  • The Global corruption report 2005

    The 2005 Global Corruption Report focuses on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction. It includes expert reports on: post-conflict reconstruction, with a detailed analysis of corruption in Iraq; the mechanisms of corruption in...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2005

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    Tough medicine, Minister of Education Kakha Lomaia injects a dose of competition to reform Georgia's education system



    - AmCham News

    Due to new reforms, high school graduates applying to college will take a standardized assessment exam for universities in order to resolve the issues of corruption and select the best-suited students. According to the Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, American students applying to Tbilisi State University faced fees from USD 5 000 to 15 000 for entrance-exam preparation classes taught by the same professors administering the tests.

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    A drag on reforms



    Giorgi Kandelaki - Transitions Online

    Despite a recent report from the government indicated that bribes paid in state universities total as much as 20 million lari ($10.9 million) per year, the plans to introduce national tests for university admission to make a more "fair" system with equal access and less corruption might be put on the shelves due to budget problems. According to Tbilisi State University only 20 % of the university's students managed to pass the school's entrance exams without paying bribes.

  • The private tutoring phenomenon: international patterns and perspectives

    This cross-national study is the first of its kind in the former socialist countries. The book examines the complexity of the private tutoring phenomenon and analyzes its consequences for the mainstream education system and for the overall social...

    Silova, Iveta , Bray, Mark et al.

    Open Society Institute, 2006

  • The Global corruption report 2006

    The 2006 Global corruption report focuses on corruption and health. It includes expert reports on: the risks of corruption in different health care systems; the scale of the problem: from high-level corruption in Costa Rica to counterfeit medicines...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2006

  • Fighting corruption in transition economies

    These reports are a review six countries' legal and institutional framework for fighting corruption, in accordance with the framework provided by the Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies, based at the OECD. The review examines: national...


    Paris, OECD, 2007

  • Newspaper

    Steps and Strumbles



    Vasili Rukhadze - TOL-Open Education Society News

    In Georgia, the Soviet legacy and the later collapse of state institutions produced an educational system plagued by corruption, nepotism, centralization and lack of teachers and professors. In addition, during the 90's, private low-quality schools with titles like "university" and "institute" sprang up. Controversies have been raised after colleges and universities have been closed or merged, and thousands of academic and administrative positions abolished.

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