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    Plagiarism cases surge 10% following the shift to remote learning

    Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, UK

    - Education Technology

    A survey on plagiarism conducted by Copyleaks collected responses from 31,000 colleges and 20,000 high school students worldwide. The study shows that the largest increase in plagiarized submissions was recorded in the Netherlands, with 26% of cases before COVID compared to 45% after the pandemic, i.e. a total increase of 19%. This was followed by France (37% before vs. 49% after, i.e. - a 12% jump), closely followed by India (42% before vs. 53% after; i.e.- an 11% jump). The UK, Canada and Germany all saw a 4% increase in plagiarism cases.

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    Call for essay mills ban amid surge in university cheating cases


    Gregor Aiken and James Wyllie - The Press and Journal

    The “proliferation” of essay mills over the past 5 years has led to an increase in the number of plagiarism cases. Last year, 338 cases were reported by universities in the North, with the majority of cases at Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University. 1,000 essay mills companies are currently operating across the UK. Some are allegedly involved in exploiting graduates overseas where they are forced to work 12-hour shifts producing essays for as little as $1 an hour.

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    UK degree fraud: 85 fake university websites taken down in five years


    Rachell Hall - The Guardian

    As part of the government's crackdown on degree fraud, and to safeguard the international reputation of UK universities, 85 fake UK university websites have been shut down since 2015. Websites have also been found selling fake degree certificates from real universities: a BBC investigation in 2014 found a website selling the University of Kent for £500, which were described as for “novelty purposes, or as a replacement for lost diplomas”. Employers are encouraged to carefully vet the qualifications of any new employees as “The only way to stop these operators is to remove the demand”.

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    GroupMe alleged cheating scandal causes Cal State LA to trend on Twitter


    Tahiti Salinas, Rosio Flores - University Times

    A Cal State LA student allegedly denounced the actions of her classmates in a discussion forum on Canvas. Using the GroupMe app, students participated in cheating such as sharing answers and taking credit for the work of others. According to the Vice president for student life and dean of students, the University investigates all alleged acts of dishonesty and will hold students accountable if found responsible.

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    Rise in student cheating during the Covid-19 pandemic, say universities


    Noah Keate - The Boar

    “Academic misconduct is a mega-problem rippling across the globe,” says a professor of education at Calgary. 1340 incidents of cheating were found at the University of Waterloo up to August 2020, an increase of 146% on the previous year, while at the University Calgary cheating had increased by 269%. According to the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK, COVID-19 had accelerated the growth of contract cheating with 904 essays mills providing ghost-written texts known to be operating.

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