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    Remote surveillance and handwritten tests for online exams without cheating


    Pilar Rodríguez Veiga - Explica

    To guarantee the academic integrity and legitimacy of the evaluations and exams during the health crisis of COVID-19, Madrid Complutense University was able to take advantage of their existing remote digital media. To avoid fraud, the identity of students during oral exams is verified using video-conferencing tools, and access codes are personal and non-transferable. This is done under the oversight of the Computer Services department. For handwritten tests, students send a scanned handwritten text to the University Virtual Campus.

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    Political row stokes ‘ongoing academic corruption’ fears


    Paul Rigg - University World News

    A row over whether or not the president of the Community of Madrid used her influence to obtain a masters degree has led to 30 university professors from across Spain signing a petition to denounce ongoing ‘academic corruption’ in Spanish educational institutions. The professors say the case against the Partido Popular (PP, a conservative party) president of Madrid’s Autonomous Community, is “a scandal without precedent” and argue that “the future of the public university and science in Spain will be determined by how this crisis is resolved”.

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    Madrid university director suspended over fake degrees


    - BBC News

    A Madrid university has suspended an official over a fake degree scandal. The King Juan Carlos University suspended the director of the school's Public Law Institute. The department allegedly awarded master's degrees to two Popular Party (PP) politicians without them completing the work. However the former said last week the university had pressured him to lie about the qualifications. The university's president denies pressuring the director. He also announced on Friday an internal probe into all the university's departments.

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    Claim of "widespread corruption" in Spain


    Paul Jump - Times Higher Education

    A Spanish university has denied that disciplinary proceedings against one of its professors are a response to a book he wrote alleging corruption at the institution. A professor of education at the University of Murcia has been accused of absenteeism and could face dismissal.

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    Education Ministry Will Not Penalise Fraudulent Applications


    - El País

    Last year, the ombudsman for Andalusia received 150 complaints over the enrolment process, according to the 2008 report just published. This is why he favours harsher penalties for fraudulent applications as there are no clear-cut punitive measures that set an example. However, the province's education ministry maintains that punishment is not the best response, so no sanctions will be taken.

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    The Centre from Which the Doorman Certificates Were Falsified Reported the Fraud to the Catalan Government


    Nando García - El Mundo

    The AITES Academy, which provides vocational training and saw hundreds of its nightclub doorman's certificates falsified, took its case to the Direcció General de Jocs i Espectacles de la Generalitat some six months ago to inform that the seal of the centre was being used to issue certificates whereas the corresponding training was not done. Police are continuing to investigate the matter and at least 400 fraudulent authorizations have been uncovered.

  • The Global corruption report 2006

    The 2006 Global corruption report focuses on corruption and health. It includes expert reports on: the risks of corruption in different health care systems; the scale of the problem: from high-level corruption in Costa Rica to counterfeit medicines...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2006

  • Legislative ethics: a comparative analysis

    This paper comparatively analyses legislative ethics, focusing on: the role of the legislature in combating corruption, the need for effective ethics regime; codes of conduct; ethics rules and financial disclosure requirements; enforcement and...

    National democratic institute for international affairs (USA)

    Washington, NDI, 1999

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