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  • Newspaper

    Parents' financial contributions to educational institutions are prohibited



    - Ministerio de Educación Ecuador

    Under the Organic Law on Intercultural Education (LOEI) and government directives on measures for prevention, containment, the emotional and economic stability of the educational community, the Ministry of Education prohibits any type of financial contribution by parents for the renovation of classroom façades or any other end-of-school-year expenditure. The Ministry guarantees the right to free education, monitors irregularities, and punishes any cases of misconduct.

  • Newspaper

    Velasco Ibarra School a No-Man's-Land



    - Ultimas Noticias

    Le directeur provincial de l'éducation confirme que le principal d'une école du soir, au nord de Quito, fait l'objet d'une enquête suite à des soupçons de détournement de fonds et de harcèlement sexuel. Le principal, à la tête de l'école depuis 23 ans, a demandé aux étudiants d'acheter des uniformes et des joggings exclusivement à l'école ; en outre, il a embauché deux de ses proches en tant qu'enseignants alors que l'un d'entre eux n'avait jamais enseigné.

  • The Right to information in Latin America: a comparative legal survey

    The first chapter of this book, International Standards and Trends, analyses the international basis for claiming the right to information as a fundamental human right. The analysis reviews authoritative international statements, and the decisions of...

    Mendel, Toby

    Quito, UNESCO, 2009

  • The Global corruption report 2006

    The 2006 Global corruption report focuses on corruption and health. It includes expert reports on: the risks of corruption in different health care systems; the scale of the problem: from high-level corruption in Costa Rica to counterfeit medicines...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2006

  • Teacher absence and incentives in primary education: primary education results from a national teacher tracking survey in Ecuador

    High rates of absence of teachers from their posts is a serious obstacle to delivery of education in many developing countries, but hard evidence on the problem has been scarce. This study, carried out as part of a new multi-country survey project in...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Rogers, F. Halsey, Lopez-Calix, José, Córdoba, Nancy, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik


  • Global corruption report 2003: Special focus: access to information

    The Global corruption report is the first attempt by any organization to map the global fight against corruption. The 2003 edition focuses on the need for greater access to information in the struggle against corruption. It explores how civil society...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2003

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