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  • Newspaper

    Zimbabwe students jailed in Turkey for drug trafficking

    Zimbabwe, Cyprus

    - Zimeye

    The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs last week interviewed three agencies that recruit and offer scholarships to local students to study abroad. The meeting came in the wake of revelations that a number of Zimbabwean locals have been falling prey to dubious agencies based in Harare who offer fake university scholarships to study in Cyprus with most students ending up stranded in the island country. Many of these students end up being forced into crime and prostitution in order to survive and pay for their tuition. The Zimbabwean Government is currently seeking the release and extradition of three Zimbabwean students who are held in prison in Cyprus for drug trafficking.

  • Newspaper

    Educate the educators: the first seminar on transparency and education conducted in Cyprus


    Transparency Cyprus - Transparency International

    The first seminar on "Corruption, Transparency and Education" was held on May 28, 2016 at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus by Transparency International-Cyprus (TI-C). TI-C has included in its Strategic Plan for 2016 the important issue of education in an effort to raise awareness and build capacity for primary school teachers on Transparency, corruption and education. Given the success of the first seminar, TI-C looks forward to conducting more seminars for interested teachers who will act as the force to building capacity for the youngsters and ensure that they will not tolerate corruption.

  • Plagiarism across Europe and beyond: conference proceedings 2013

    The international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experience with addressing academic integrity issues. Academic integrity is becoming more and more important topic in higher education...

    European Commission

    Brno (Czech Republic), MENDELU Publishing Centre, 2013

  • Newspaper

    Claims of medical degrees being bought in Romania

    Cyprus, Romania

    Anna Hassapi - Cyprus Mail

    The Council for Degree Accreditation (KYSATS) and the Pancyprian Association of Medical Practitioners are investigating some Cypriot and Greek doctors accused of having bought fake medical degrees from Romanian universities. However, it has been confirmed that it would be very difficult to validate whether a degree was bought or earned, because they would not examine the candidates' knowledge, instead the procedures and whether all the procedures were followed and legal is what is going to be investigated.

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