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    Teachers’ recruitment : allegations of fraud and corruption


    Jean Luc Fassi - News du Camer

    400 cases of fraud had been recorded in the examination conducted by the Ministry of Education for the recruitment of primary school teachers in the public service. The unsuccessful candidates accused the Recruitment Commission of allegedly failing to meet the age and grade criteria for the required qualification, the Certificate of Teaching Skills for Nursery and Primary School Teachers. 21-year-old candidates who were supposed to have obtained the certificate at the age of 15 were selected, whereas the civil service only recruits people aged 32 at the most.

  • Newspaper

    Campaign to halt widespread university corruption


    - University World News

    An awareness campaign against widespread corruption in universities, which includes bribery by students to get good results, false diplomas and sex to gain promotion, has been launched by CONAC, the national anti-corruption commission. According to a source “The main kind of corruption here is the sale of grades by certain teachers. Students whose work is bad get teachers or education officials to improve their grades”. CONAC found instances of nepotism, counterfeiting of results, false diplomas, promotions in return for sex, and abuse of power.

  • Newspaper

    How citizen action on budgets led to 4 new classrooms and saved the taxpayer $6000


    Focal Integrity Team of Cameroon - ONE

    In rural Cameroon, government budget allocations and expenditures are still hidden from public view. Focal Integrity Team of Cameroon (FITCAM) managed to convince public officials to disclose information of public interest to community organizations. They then supported citizens in holding authorities to account on local education projects in the Fako Division of Buea, in South West Cameroon. After exposing the corrupt practices of contractors, the Ministry of Public Contracts declared savings of 5,342, 765 CFA (approximately $5,980) through renegotiating contracts relating to a number of projects.

  • National survey on users of public services and public administrators on the impact of anti-corruption activities: the case of the South West region

    This document presents the result of a survey undertaken by the National Anti-Corruption Coalition on the impact of anti-corruption activities in public service instititutions and local government councils in South West Region of Cameroon. The report...

    International Governance Institute-Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon

    Buea (Cameroon), IGI-FITCAM, 2015

  • Newspaper

    How students in Cameroon are fighting corruption in schools


    Shilpa Bannerjee - The World Bank

    The ZENU Network set out to fight corruption in 16 high schools across 8 districts in the Western parts of Cameroon by establishing student clubs in schools. One of the tools used was to put in place “corruption observatories.” The activity focused on victims of corruption and provided a whistleblowing mechanism, while pressuring authorities to impose sanctions for corrupt behavior.

  • Newspaper

    End of term examination: When ghost students perform better


    Yaboa Ndula Muntech - Allafrica

    Most secondary school authorities handed over the first term report cards to their students with various remarks. Those who attended classes regularly and worked hard during the term had good averages while others who played games and occupied drinking spots during school hours brought home fake report cards to impress their parents. The "ghost" students were last Friday seen in cyber cafés scanning and modifying their reports cards.

  • Basic Education Expenditure Mapping Project: project report

    The BE-PRO-MAP technology platform FITCAM aims to increase the ability of ordinary citizens (within local beneficiaries communities of public investment projects) to monitor performance in the delivery and management of the public investment budget...

    Focal Integrity Team Cameroon

    Buea, FITCAM, 2014

  • Newspaper

    Cameroon: Basic education - Checking corruption in constructions


    Victorine Biy - Cameroon Tribune

    Members of the National Anti-Corruption Coalition (CNLCC), a satellite of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) – a concertation forum of activities of civil society associations created in 2008 – has carried out a field inspection mission of classroom construction projects found throughout the national territory.

  • Newspaper

    Budget transparency initiative makes officials accountable to citizens


    - The World Bank

    An ongoing initiative in Cameroon is helping to empower citizens and make their local governments, schools, and health centers accountable for better service delivery. This initiative has also been put in place to raise the awareness of citizens with regard to budgetary issues.

  • Teacher's absenteeism in primary schools in Cameroon

    The article focuses on the absenteeism of teachers in primary schools in Cameroon. It cites the study by Transparency International (TI) Cameroon which selected a sample of 30 government primary schools from the Centre Region. It states that the...

    Ngwé, Gabriel

    Yaounde, Transparency International, 2013

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