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  • Newspaper

    Authorities investigating suspected corruption in university contracts


    LUSA - Macau Business

    The Macao Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating a University of Macao administrative official and two other partners on corruption charges. They helped a contractor bid for the construction of residential colleges and falsified documents. The main suspect received bribes for projects valued at MOP 220 million (US$27.4 million).

  • Pre-service teachers’ ethical role construction in China

    This study examines pre-service teachers’ construction of ethical roles in teaching practice in China. This study finds that three major changes emerged in pre-service teachers’ understanding of teacher ethics after teaching practice: viewing caring...

    Ye, Wangbei, Wu, Pingyi, Zhanga, Miaomiao, Jia, Yushan, Zou, Jiachen

    Journal of Beliefs & Values, 2021

  • Newspaper

    English exam cheating ring busted in Shanghai


    Wang Xuandi - Sixth Tone

    Twelve people have been sentenced to four years of prison after posing as students to take a Cambridge University-affiliated business English exam. The head of the criminal network is a former English teacher who has set up his exam preparation agency. Students were paired with similar-looking candidates so that their faces could be digitally blended to produce images that were then overlaid on the students' actual ID cards.

  • Newspaper

    China to criminalise college exam fraud after identity thefts


    Helen Davidson - The Guardian

    Between 1999 and 2006, 242 graduates in the Eastern Shandong province enrolled at universities using other people’s identities and college entrance scores. According to reports, dozens of people have been punished, but under existing laws, students cannot be charged with a crime. The National People’s Congress has received a proposal to criminalize exam fraud, and the Ministry of Education will work with authorities to investigate and hold students accountable.

  • Newspaper

    The usurpation of exam results is a recurring scandal in China


    Zhang Zhulin - Courrier International

    In two years, nearly 250 students in one Chinese province have been stripped of their university entrance exam results. Despite her excellent grades, a high school student in Shandong province failed twice her gaokao, the national entrance exam to a public university. Her failure was in fact due to the usurpation of her identity and positive results by the daughter of one of her high school teachers.

  • Newspaper

    Corruption watchdog investigating continuing education fraud


    - Macau News Agency

    Officials of a local education center and 200 Macau residents are accused of fraud, document forgery, and computer forgery. The Anti-Corruption Commission reported that residents enrolled in courses subsidized by the Education and Youth Bureau never attended the courses, simply providing their personal identification data to the education center and receiving, in exchange, 2,000 to 2,500 MOPs in cash.

  • Special rank teachers’ morality development in China

    The purpose of this study is to portray Special Rank Teachers’ morality development in China. Interview data were collected from 14 Special Rank Teachers from 13 provinces in China in 2018. Analyses of the findings revealed that Special Rank Teachers...

    Ye, Wangbei, Zhou, Bin


  • Newspaper

    How to tackle academic misconduct among China’s top scientists


    Futao Huang - The University Rankings

    There has been an increasing number of cases of academic dishonesty among senior scientists in China. A 2018 report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences states that there were 64 cases of academic dishonesty between 2007 and 2017. At least 10 scientists were charged in 2016. These incidents occurred at 46 universities and one national research institute.

  • Newspaper

    How Chinese universities are tackling plagiarism and is it working?


    Mandy Zuo - South China Morning Post

    The Hunan University of Technology in central China introduced a new free tool to limit plagiarism on campuses. Students could check their final dissertation with an online database to see how much of each paper’s content is copied from existing publications. A former director of the People’s Liberation Army’s Institute for Disease Control and Prevention plagiarised the work of another Ph.D. student in his final thesis. He was stripped of his doctorate after being found guilty of cheating 12 years after receiving.

  • Newspaper

    Chinese high school students lose student registration overnight, revealing education system corruption


    Olivia Li - The Epoch Times

    Fenglan School violated regulations and used false advertising to enroll more students than its legal capacity. 400 students were found to be “missing” in the local student registration system. According to a student, the school asked them to sign an agreement saying that students would take the standardized exam as a local teenage resident not associated with the school. As a result, the students would not obtain graduation nor take the college admission exam. Some private schools would also bribe local education officials in order to obtain student registration for these unqualified students.

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