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    Botswana: Education Ministry Not Aware of Funds Embezzlement



    Bopa - AllAfrica

    The Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development has told Parliament that he is not aware of any fund embezzlement at the Botswana Society for the Deaf in Francistown. Answering a parliamentary question on March 25, he said his ministry had in the past three years given the Botswana Society for the Deaf subvention amounting to P3 917 411.65.

  • Anti-corruption policy

    The Ministry has found it necessary to embrace the national vision and strategy to combat corruption by establishing a Corruption Prevention Committee (CPC). Through this committee the staff will be sensitized and educated on the evils of corruption...

    Botswana. Ministry of Education and Skills Development

    Gaborone, MoESD, 2010

  • Corruption and inequality in Africa: Afrobarometer working paper

    This paper presents an argument called the inequality trap namely how high inequality leads to low trust in groups and then to high levels of corruption, and back to higher levels of corruption. It presents an analysis for Africa using Afrobarometer...

    Uslaner, Eric

    Cape Town, Afrobarometer, 2007

  • Rethinking non-accountability and corruption in Botswana

    Popular perceptions of Botswana as a shining example of liberal democracy in Africa are misguided. Its political system favours one party and one president, and that predominant party has been in power since 1966. It is an elitist arrangement that...

    Good, Kenneth

    Africa Insight, 2002

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