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    Student 'anti-cheating' exam hats go viral


    James FitzGerald - BBC news

    Images of students wearing so-called "anti-cheating hats" during college exams have gone viral on social media in the Philippines. To ensure integrity and honesty in a fun way during exams, a professor at Bicol University College of Engineering asked the students to innovate headwear that would block their ability to see their peers' answer papers. The idea had been effective, and it was implemented for recent mid-term exams sat by hundreds of students at the College in October.

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    Global network set up to stamp out contract cheating in higher education


    John Walshe - University World News

    Education agencies across the globe are joining forces to fight the rise of commercial cheating services that target students worldwide. The newly formed Global Academic Integrity Network (GAIN) will share experiences and resources to help jurisdictions develop legislation, regulatory approaches and frameworks that penalise facilitating and advertising of cheating services. It was founded by Quality and Qualifications Ireland and Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and launched in Dublin last October.

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    Gender-based corruption widespread in universities


    Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti - University World News

    According to a report from TI Rwanda, female students are asked for sexual favours in exchange for marks and are often subjected to gender-based corruption when writing their dissertations. The report reveals that sexual harassment in universities is still prevalent and includes sexually suggestive language, sexual extortion by superiors and pressure to perform sexual favours in return for opportunities. The leadership structures of universities are advised to put in place measures to identify and punish any gender-based issue and protect informants when cases arise. 

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    Anti-Corruption Education" manuals finally ready

    Côte d'Ivoire

    Elvis Gouza - Linfodrome

    The High Authority for Good Governance in Côte d'Ivoire has announced the completion of the design of the manuals and training programme entitled "Education in the Fight against Corruption", intended for students and future civil servants. The documents will be forwarded to the government for adoption. This project on the fight against corruption was launched in 2019 from preschool to higher education through primary, secondary, technical and vocational education, as well as vocational training schools.

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    What can be done about the growth in dissertation mills?

    Algeria, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt

    Zachariah Mushawatu - University World News

    Academic dishonesty including dissertation fraud is on rise universities in Africa. Only 24 African countries out of 54 have institutional repositories. This means that dissertations and other sources of information that can be plagiarised only exist in hard copies. According to a professor from Uganda, one way to eliminate contract writing is to establish a rigorous process throughout the dissertation writing and defence process. The president of the Southern African Students Union believes that paying lecturers decent salaries will lead to a decrease in the number of people engaging in ghost-writing for students.

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    Foursome created bogus college, stole fake students’ financial aid in fraud scheme


    Kelli Dugan - WOKV

    Three Georgia women and an Alabama man pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the US Department of Education’s Federal financial aid programs worth millions of dollars. According to the Justice Department, they admitted enrolling people who were not eligible to attend college and completing financial aid applications using fake students’ names; they also did fake students’ homework and exams and manipulated grade requirements to continue qualifying for Federal financial aid.

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    At least 1,500 students at Irish universities reported for cheating, plagiarism, or use of ‘essay mills’


    Ken Foxe - Irish Examiner

    Between 2019 and 2021, Trinity College had 445 cases of suspected cheating, 143 cases of plagiarism and another 154 cases of cheating. In 2022 there were 33 cases of suspected exam cheating and 138 cases where a student plagiarised work for their assignments. The University said the data did not include supplemental assignments that were in progress at the time, meaning the figures could still rise slightly.

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    New book unpacks motivations behind ‘contract cheating’


    The Guardian - University World News

    According to an expert the housing crisis, cost-of-living pressures, language barriers, and lack of time and support from universities are prompting students in Australia to turn to contract cheating. His research found about 10% of students submit assignments written by someone else, and more than 95% of them are not caught. He also found those with English as a second or subsequent language are three times more likely to employ ghostwriters.

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    Algerian teachers agree: the university is in danger


    Azzeddine Bensouiah - University World News

    A collective of Algerian academics draw attention to the problems eroding Algeria’s universities: violence, favouritism, deference, and recruitments based on criteria of loyalty and not on competence. According to one of the authors, “the lack of merit, the intrusion of politics in science, and the pre-eminence of administration over the educational corruption, censorship have taken precedence in the university environment”.

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    Group says it has found corruption at financial aid body

    South Africa

    The Citizen - University World News

    The South African Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has uncovered “multimillion-rand tender corruption” at the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and has handed over all information to the Special Investigating Unit. OUTA said its revelations follow an investigation into corruption and irregular contracts at the Services Sector Education and Training Authority after a successful Promotion of Access to Information application relating to a ZAR170 million (US$9.6 million) tender for a biometric attendance monitoring system.

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