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    Survey reveals rampant sexual corruption in schools


    Sarah Tétaud - All Africa

    According to a survey conducted by Transparency International Madagascar, 84% of students are victims of sexual corruption. The most common modus operandi is first to lure a student and then offer a good grade in exchange for a sexual favour. The Confederation of Teachers' Unions has denounced the existence of a protection network for guilty teachers within the Ministry of Higher Education.

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    French baccalaureate in Algeria: prison for cheaters and internet cut off


    - France Info

    According to a press release from the Ministry of Justice, 84 individuals have been charged with fraud in the baccalaureate, 40 of whom have been placed under a detention order and 13 under judicial supervision. They are accused of disseminating exam subjects and examples of their marking and correction through social networks.

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    2020 National Examinations: A-Seg releases a report to denounce fraud and corruption


    Elisabeth Zézé Guilavogui - 224 infos

    According to a report by Guinea's school and A-SEG student association, 1,500 incidents of academic fraud have been found, particularly during national examinations in 2020. Students participated in the exams on the basis of their own contributions and without financial support from the Ministry of Education. From Conakry to N'Zérékoré the supervision of the examinations has been ensured by young students or classmates.

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