IIEP's research is a critical component of ETICO's strategy to develop knowledge and stimulate information exchange on the topic of ethics and corruption in education.

IIEP has devoted much of its work to provide answers to unresolved questions such as: How can we make sure that public funds actually reach schools? How can transparent and fair university admission processes be promoted? How can ghost teachers and double counting be eliminated? How can we ensure that teachers behave ethically?

Other important issues that IIEP has been engaged in are: transparency in formula funding, the design of incentive allocation mechanisms to ensure that resources successfully reach their intended beneficiaries, teacher codes of conduct to improving ethics at the school level, teacher management and behaviour, production and distribution of textbooks, adverse effects of private tutoring, academic and accreditation fraud. More than 15 books are available in the Ethics and corruption in education series (see Publications section), all of which can be downloaded free of charge from the Institute’s website.

IIEP is continually exploring new areas. Some of its current research is focused on the following:

Should you have any experiences, insights, or ideas to share in these areas, or should you want any further information, feel free to contact us.